Piero Chiambretti: 'Allotment from my daughter and 100 other children'

After the death of her mother and the controversy over the maintenance allowance of the child received by Federica Laviosa, the showman is back on TV ... And Margherita is her teacher: 'She asks me questions, and gives answers that are very useful in the construction of my new program '

 stefania-sandrelli-launch-cover-36 Piero Chiambretti. In the gallery the father in love with his daughter Margherita: private photos Photo Video

Piero Chiambretti starts from the dearest affections. After the death of her mother she still feels close as he tells the weekly Today on newsstands from tomorrow : 'I believe in a form of afterlife and some incredible events that have occurred in these two and a half years give me the conviction that there is something that accompanies you even when the dearest person in your life is gone'. After the legal dispute with his ex-wife for the reduction of the maintenance allowance of the daughter of which he says 'They transformed me into the Boston strangler, fortunately there is justice: there will be a definitive hearing in September', Chiambretti starts again from the smaller. Photo | video

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 ! P! Today! IS! 0036.2022! N! 36 SANDRELLI COVER! E! .Pdf BE WITH THE FIGLIA - He spent the summer with his 11-year-old daughter Margherita: “They were exaggerated holidays, 24 hours a day. Seeing a daughter grow up even in the summer is priceless, because in winter she has school and I work… Now that she is 11 years old. and an already advanced dimension of thought, Margherita asks me questions, and gives answers which are, moreover, very useful in the construction of my new program ”.

Piero Chiambretti: 'It is not true that I want to reduce the allowance for my daughter, I have already given her a million

IN TV - In fact, Chiambretti will be back on TV with The charge of 100 and 1: 'It is a bet that I can make thanks to the trust of Pier Silvio Berlusconi, but with all the energy that children and only them, in this depressed and depressive world, can still give us. Children have no filters, they have no party cards, they do not have to please anyone ”.

Piero Chiambretti asks to reduce the maintenance allowance for his daughter: 'My income has halved
The interview completes its Today on newsstands

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