Pietro Lombardi tells of painful sex injury

  Singer Pietro Lombardi had painful experiences during sex. He now packed up about that"World Wide Wohnzimmer" aus. Singer Pietro Lombardi had painful experiences during sex. He now unpacked about it at 'World Wide Living Room'. Image: World Wide Living Room/Youtube

that at 'World Wide Living Room' you can expect strange questions to be asked of the prominent guests. Pietro Lombardi has now experienced this firsthand. In a popular party game, repurposed as an interview, the singer now reveals intimate details from his bedroom.

Pietro Lombardi has to drink

As a guest of Dennis and Benjamin Wolter, the former 'DSDS' winner lets himself be carried away by a round of 'I've never...'. In the game, a statement is made and anyone who has already experienced the fact read out or done it themselves must take a good sip of a 'disgusting drink'.

In addition to statements like 'I've never thrown up in public' or 'ate something out of the trash can', the three come men also to talk about a very intimate topic. Then as 'I've never been to the Sex sustained an injury' is read out, the singer takes a large gulp of his undrinkable drink. The hosts don't have to wait long for an explanation, because immediately afterwards the musician tells about his painful accident:

'I've pulled my thigh before.'
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Pietro Lombardi talks about sex injuries – Youtuber gives tips

The 30-year-old can hardly imagine that neither of the twins shares his experience with him. 'You lie to me if you haven't already,' jokes the singer. When asked how he solved the situation, the artist replies succinctly: 'Not at all. I was just finished. '

Nevertheless, the 'Señorita' interpreter continues to reveal how the unfortunate injury came about. 'You're on the offensive right now,' says Pietro in his usual relaxed manner, 'and then the cramp comes and you can't get rid of it. Suddenly you can't make the movement anymore' . The moderators are visibly amused story . Youtuber Benni knows what helps: Then 'you have to rethink,' he advises his guest.

After a lot of laughing together, the twins finally shake hands: unlike Pietro Lombardi, they have not yet sustained any injuries during sex.

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Good news from Pietro Lombardi

Even if such a mishap is of course painful: Pietro Lombardi does not only seem to be doing well in terms of love. In July, the singer celebrated the love comeback with girlfriend Laura Maria Rypa, now the musician is announcing his return to the 'DSDS' jury.

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