Pope Francis: 'Being homosexual is not a crime'. Ratzinger? “I lost a father”

In the first interview after the death of Benedict XVI, the Pontiff judges laws that discriminate on the basis of religious orientations as unjust. He talks about his relationship with his predecessor, jokes about his health and rules out the possibility of regulating future papal resignations with rules

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“Being homosexual is not a crime. The condemnation of homosexuality comes from afar.' These are the words of Pope Francis who, interviewed by the Associated Press, addresses the issue of homosexuality, but also those of his relationship with Ratzinger, with China, of his poor health. “Today – continues the Pontiff – I believe that the countries that have legal convictions are more than fifty. And of these I think about ten have the death penalty. They do not name it directly, but say 'those who have unnatural behavior' (...). I think it's unfair. Here in the audience I receive groups of people like this. We are all children of God and God loves us just as we are and for the strength that each of us has to fight for our dignity'. – video1 | video2

Pope Francis criticizes the laws against homosexuality Pope Francis criticizes the laws against homosexuality

Pope Francis: 'I'm fine but I could also die tomorrow

A SIN, BUT LIKE OTHERS – Of course, it is not a crime but “it is a sin” Bergoglio continues: “First let us distinguish between sin and crime. But the lack of charity towards one's neighbor is also a sin, so what? Every man and every woman must have a window in their life to which to direct their hope and to be able to receive the dignity of God. And being homosexual is not a crime, it is a human condition'. Also important are the words dedicated to Benedict XVI: 'I have lost a father, a good companion'. “A gentleman and for me a security. Faced with a doubt, I asked for a car, I went to the monastery and asked,' he says. With the passing of his predecessor, however, criticism from the more conservative wing of the church has intensified. “I wouldn't relate him to Benedict – Bergoglio continues -, but to the wear and tear of a ten-year government. The only thing I ask is that they say it to my face, because that's how we all grow up, isn't it?”. Criticisms are welcome, therefore, because 'they help to grow and improve things'.

Pope Francis, the complete text of the homily at the funeral of Benedict XVI: 'Grateful for your delicacy

GOOD HEALTH – Improve, as relations with China certainly are. The Chinese authorities 'sometimes are a bit closed, sometimes not, in any case we have to walk patiently in China. We are making progress. Each nomination case is examined with a magnifying glass. This is the main thing, the dialogue does not stop'. Space, finally, to his health conditions and his possible, ventilated, renunciation of the papal throne in the advances made known by the American press agency. “I am in good health. For my age, I'm normal' explains Francesco who is 86 years old, although diverticular stenosis has returned, only partially compensated by the improvements obtained against the pain in his knees. But in the event that he feels he is no longer able to govern, he repeats what he has said on other occasions, he too, like Ratizinger, would not hesitate to step aside. However, he would like to be called «bishop of Rome emeritus» and not Pope emeritus.

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