Pope Ratzinger has died

Benedict XVI, almost 10 years ago, on February 10, 2013 had decided to retire and leave the papal throne. Since then, the health of the Pope emeritus has been slowly declining

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Joseph Ratzinger has died. Almost 10 years ago, on 10 February 2013, he had decided to retire and leave the papal throne. Since then, the health of the Pope emeritus has been slowly declining, making him increasingly fragile. However, a sudden deterioration occurred in the days leading up to Christmas, when respiratory crises were added to the many aches and pains. - video

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A PONTIFICATE LONG 8 YEARS - 'Conscientia mea iterum atque iterum coram Deo explorata ad cognitionem certom perveni vires meas ingravescente aetate non iam aptas esse ad munus Petrinum aeque administrandum'. Joseph Ratzinger preferred to rely on Latin, and on the precision of that language, when on February 10, 2013, after less than 8 years of pontificate, he made the decision to resign, the eighth pontiff to do so in 2,000 years of history. Those words, translated into Italian, sound like this: 'After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God  I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to adequately exercising the Petrine ministry' . Pope Benedict XVI's was not a surrender, but an act of courage, the realization that the problems of the Catholic Church had to be faced with an energy he no longer possessed.

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A VERY REFINED AND SHARP THEOLOGIST – But Benedict XVI's talent was in his intellectual energy, and in his works, sharp as a razor blade, capable of dissecting an increasingly complex reality. In essence, his theological vision, during his pontificate, is collected in the three ecyclicals on love, hope and the charity of truth, structured so as to be a bulwark capable of preserving the Catholic faith in its integrity. Another key point of his theology is that which entrusts the Church with a role of primary importance, because God speaks to the faithful also through this institution, and not only through the sacred scriptures. And in the words of Pope Benedict XVI  'The Bible is not a text of natural sciences, but rather it is the essential testimony of God's revelation ... it is impossible to draw scientific explanations from the Bible, but only a religious experience can be drawn from it. Scripture will therefore never tell us how many species of plants gradually appeared on the earth or how the sun or the moon were born, but his purpose is to reiterate that God created the world ”.

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THE POPULARITY OF BENEDICT XVI – Joseph Ratzinger was himself the paradigm of a faith to which it was necessary to dedicate study and awareness, intellectual effort and reasoning. Shy and reserved, he ceased to be so when it became necessary to defend the faith. Everyone still remembers his direct and clear interventions on sensitive issues of public and private ethics. the answers he offered were not always fully accepted by the faithful, but the strength and intellectual honesty with which he proposed them convinced and reassured a hesitant and insecure society, in search of references and values. Definitely for this reason. in a song made at the time of his pontificate, 8 out of 10 Italians, among the non-practicing, considered it important to give their children a Catholic education and for this reason they enrolled them in the religion class, and again for this reason at the time the 90 8 percent of the families, however, allocated 8 per thousand to the Catholic Church. Of course, perhaps the figure of Benedict XVI never assumed that importance and that symbolic force that illuminated John Paul II, but nevertheless Ratzinger fully expressed a clear and lucid thought that was both a beacon and training ground for believers and non-believers.

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THE FIGHT AGAINST PEDOPHILIA – Although he has been accused of having been condescending to pedophilia in the Catholic clergy, Benedict XVI was the first pontiff to publicly apologize to victims of abuse by clergymen. A battle that began immediately after his election to the papal throne, showing a willingness to fight abuse and distance those who were responsible for sexual abuse of minors. Among the most sensational acts, the decision to remove the monks from the basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme. He later addressed the child abuse scandal in the Irish Church, which broke out in 2009 with the publication of the Ryan and Murphy reports, in which numerous cases of sexual abuse that had occurred since the 1930s were denounced. In this regard, in December 2009, the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi explained that the pope understood 'the anger, the sense of betrayal and the shame felt by so many Irish Catholic faithful' and met the Irish bishops, some of whom then presented their resignations. The scandal of the Irish church prompted Ratzinger, in the course of 2010, to openly criticize the behavior of clergymen, harshly criticizing the 'unplaced concern for the good name of the Church and to avoid scandals, which have resulted in the failure to apply the penalties existing canons and the failure to protect the dignity of every person'. Also noteworthy is his intervention regarding the scandal involving the reverend Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder of the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ. Last June, a victim of the abuses of the Bavarian priest Peter H filed a complaint against the pope emeritus Joseph Ratzinger. According to the author of the complaint Ratzinger, in the 1980s, as archbishop, he welcomed Peter H. into his diocese of Munich and Freising, despite the sexual abuse previously committed by the pedophile priest, of which he was aware. The crimes are now largely prescribed, but the victim has filed a civil action if the court recognizes the crimes of the priest 'the church could be forced to pay compensation'.

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LOVE FOR MOZART, AND FOR CATS – Eminent scholar and refined theologian, Joseph Ratzinger also cultivated more earthly passions throughout his life. Known is his love for classical music and in particular for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose work he thought was “It's not just entertainment; it contains all the tragedy of human existence. The works of the composer fascinated Benedict XVI from a young age, so much so that they struck him deeply. Ratzinger, a high-level pianist, has recorded an album of contemporary classical music entitled Alma Mater in which he recites prayers to the Virgin Mary accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The work was published in 2009. Benedict XVI has also always had a predilection for cats. Monsignor Bertone confirmed that Pope Ratzinger, as a prelate, was known in the Vatican for his attention to felines. He spoke to them: 'He would stop, he would say a few words to them in German, probably in the Bavarian dialect'. Furthermore, newspapers and TV, during the apostolic journey to Australia for World Youth Day 2008, gave the news that during the trip the pope had a gray cat, called Bella, who had kept him company.

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