'Princess Charming': Why the second season of the dating show disappointed

  Hanna Sökeland was contested as Princess Charming by 19 single women. Hanna Sökeland was contested as Princess Charming by 19 single women. picture: rtl opinion

Reality TV fans have been looking forward to the second season of 'Princess Charming' for a year. A good three months ago the time had come: RTL + again showed love-seeking adventures from Greece. For the broadcaster, the dating show is actually a kind of home run, because as a queer show on German television, it guarantees great viewer interest. But this year, the popular format probably brought a bit of 'trash' back to trash TV.

Admittedly, the expectations were immensely high. But with a format that last year for his diversity and its depth was awarded the German Television Prize, the bar is higher than with 'Temptation Island'. But the fact that the second season was first moved to a slot in the middle of the night after less than half the episodes due to poor ratings and then even banned from the internet already reveals that the high expectations were not met.

'Princess Charming' cast: That was missing this year

The focus of the dome show this year was Princess Hanna Sökeland. It became clear after only a few episodes that it was a controversial choice. in the TV the 28-year-old often seemed awkward or distant. Many Fans even found the project manager from Hanover unsympathetic or unapproachable. In conversation with watson before the show was broadcast, the half-Brazilian looked much more confident. But it almost came across as if she was either out of place in the role of Princess, or the Hanoverian was extremely difficult with the cameras that were always present.

  19 contestants fought in the second season of the lesbian dating show"Princess Charming" um die Princess Hanna Sökeland. 19 candidates fought in the second season of the lesbian dating show 'Princess Charming' for Princess Hanna Sökeland. picture: rtl

To try their luck with Hanna Sökeland, 19 candidates traveled to Greece. But as with Hanna herself, the casters didn't manage a big coup. Although related very sympathetic and diverse people die Villa, but the outstanding voices that had contributed significantly to the success of the show with their activism in the past year were missing.

Things did not go smoothly between Princess and applicants either. A total of four candidates decided to voluntarily leave the show. in one Youtube-Interview after the show, another member of the cast even admitted to having thrown their hats of their own free will, too - but that was edited out in post-production.

'Princess Charming' production doesn't cover itself in rum

While the first season did almost surprisingly good educational work through informative conversations, this year the production almost gave itself an educational mandate. Each episode was filled to the brim with enlightenment. Instead of naturally occurring conversations about socially taboo topics or personal experiences, problematic statements were frequently noticed. Remarks such as 'the main thing is a hole' or body hair as a 'nasty surprise' remained unaddressed and uncommented. Even small doses of trans and misogyny flew under the radar of the production this year.

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It was decided against addressing and presenting statements for what they are: namely, highly problematic. The elements in question were not cut out, but broadcast. But this problem should run through this year's season.

'Princess Charming': Great excitement with a lot of discussion potential

Episode five is symbolic of this: You can't write a final conclusion about 'Princess Charming' 2022 without mentioning it.

A week earlier, the audience could see how, in a quiet moment, contestant Amelia turned to Hanna to confide in her something very personal: The contestant has suffered from kissing trauma for years. The woman from Osnabrück is scared of being kissed without being asked. But when there was a wild party night in the villa the following week, Princess Hanna had already forgotten this confession. During the delightful dance, she kissed Amelia on the mouth – without asking her first.

Here, too, RTL+ decided to broadcast this scene without first displaying a trigger warning or working through the situation afterwards. It was not made clear that a border crossing had taken place here. It's the same production that, back in season one, decided against exploiting fisticuffs between two contestants for drama and ratings . Now a traumatic situation of a person was broadcast across Germany.

'Playboy' cover and candidate love story steal the show

There are continuous mistakes that run through the show and, in retrospect, disappointed 'Princess Charming'. The program, which was so enthusiastic last year, leaves a rather bitter aftertaste.

The 'Playboy' issue with Princess Hanna Sökeland on the cover also failed to provide the representation that season one earned so much praise for. A queer woman staged on the magazine with the slogan 'What men Loving!' can definitely be understood as a step backwards. Because lesbians often fight against the objectification of their own sexuality.

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Also the focus on the big love got lost. Instead, a completely different love story suddenly came to the fore. The candidates Paula and Dora got along better and better in the villa from episode to episode. While watching, the two delighted with their open communication with each other and ensured that Princess Hanna's own search for great love was pushed into the background. Eventually, Paula and Dora chose each other and left Greece together.

Last try reunion show

Reunions on trash TV are usually used for discussion among the candidates. In that case it might not be a bad idea if RTL + and the production would use the airtime to give some insight behind the scenes and into the decisions or maybe to finally address the encroaching situation.

If none of this is addressed, then at least the question should be answered as to whether Paula and Dora are now a couple. The two are present at the reunion, which is moderated by Lola Weippert and goes online on Tuesday.