ProSieben boss calculates with “DSDS” at the start of “The Voice”.

  This year This year's 'The Voice' season consists of Petter Maffay, Stefanie Kloß, Mark Foster and Rea Garvey. Image: ProSieben/SAT.1 / Andre Kowalski Analyse

In addition to 'DSDS', 'The Voice of Germany' is one of the longest-lasting music talent shows on German television. The first season of the format started in November 2011, back then with the musicians from 'The BossHoss', Nena, Rea Garvey and Xavier Naidoo as coaches. The twelfth season of the format, which is broadcast alternately by ProSieben and Sat.1, begins this week.

'The Voice of Germany' has these problems

Although 'The Voice of Germany' has a long running time, it cannot be denied that the show faces some problems.

The format has recently had to struggle with fluctuating quotas. Last season's finale was loud ' ' out of 1.3 million people pursued - which accounts for an average market share of 6.2 percent. A mediocre 8.9 percent market share with 0.64 million viewers was achieved in the target group. With the episodes before, 'The Voice' even regularly attracted less than a million people in front of the screens.

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In addition, the winners that the talent show produces are often not particularly successful later on. Most people would have to take a look at Wikipedia to recall who won season 11 in the first place. By the way, it was Sebastian Krenz, the protégé of Johannes Oerding.

In addition, the news came this year that 'DSDS' will be canceled. After the 20th season, which will be broadcast in 2023, there should be no further editions of 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar'. Does the end of 'DSDS' also herald the swan song of 'The Voice of Germany'?

'The Voice of Germany': Back to the roots

Watson was present at the digital press conference of 'The Voice of Germany'. There, Daniel Rosemann, the head of ProSieben and Sat.1, spoke about the future of the talent show. Watson also asked media expert Janine Griffel about this.

In the digital press conference, Rosemann explained, among other things, what was done differently in the current season:

'We're taking a step back to the roots of 'The Voice'. We realized this year that what's new is that we're reflecting on where 'The Voice' came from and why 'The Voice' was once the most successful music talent show - in a market where there were already music talent shows. We missed that certain 'The Voice' feeling and wanted to reinforce it.'
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In his eyes, 'The Voice of Germany' is the only television show that Music has to do and in which ability is required, he explained and added: 'Here, a talent is promoted with respect. The basic idea was not missing, but we wanted to strengthen it again.'

That's why Peter Maffay is on 'The Voice'

In order for this to succeed, according to Rosemann 'a Gravitas, a legend' as a coach on the show. In addition to Stefanie Kloß, Mark Foster and Rea Garvey, Peter Maffay will also take a seat on one of the red chairs for the first time.

When asked by watson, Rosemann explained what else is expected from the commitment: 'I believe that Peter Maffay has a target group for which he already has his whole life works – and that is: everyone! I also hope a lot of them will tune in to 'The Voice'.' Maffay's music appeals to people over the age of fifty, sixty, but also eight-year-olds.

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In this context, however, Janine Griffel gave watson a harsh verdict:

'In my eyes, it looks more like an act of desperation. Peter Maffay has no overlap with the ProSieben-Sat.1 target group, neither in age nor in music.'

Media expert is critical of Maffay's commitment to 'The Voice'.

Peter Maffay said of his commitment: 'There have been many formats of this kind in the past, but they didn't appeal to me because a format of this kind has to meet certain requirements for me.' You have to meet at eye level, he added and then went on to explain: 'There is a wonderful atmosphere here, a professional band and a nice togetherness. I don't regret the decision.'

During the press conference, the 72-year-old was also asked if the show's winners had a chance at a big Career as he would have. 'Of course it is possible, but in a modified form' , emphasized Maffay and added: 'Many circumstances that have to do with music have changed. You have to take that into account and if you do that, then there is a chance. It's not about a sprint, it's about a marathon.'

In addition, he explained what he personally values ​​in the candidates:

'It's very important for me to have the feeling that someone is on fire and when someone is on fire, then I suspect that there is no plan B for the person and that they are putting everything on one card to achieve their big dream .'
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However, Janine Griffel sees it differently and explains why in an interview with watson. 'The format is not designed for the long term. It's practically already during the current season to promote the next casting.' , she criticizes.

Daniel Rosemann talks about 'DSDS' and 'The Voice'

If you talk about the current season of 'The Voice of Germany', you should not ignore the planned cancellation of 'DSDS'. However, Daniel Rosemann made it clear during the press conference:

'I don't think about the future of 'DSDS' for a single day. And I'll stick to that.'
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Instead, he thinks that there will be many more seasons of 'The Voice'. He is also optimistic about the project, because: 'If we deal with the format as we deal with other long-lived formats, then we will take care of our formats so well that we will still have many years to come fun will have on 'The Voice'.' As long as there are big screens and as long as music can enchant people, 'as long as the two media can be brought together well,' he was sure.

On this point, too, Griffel contradicts the broadcaster boss in the watson interview:

'In both formats, the ratings are on the decline. I think this type of casting format has generally become obsolete.'

Griffel also does not believe that 'The Voice' can take advantage of the fact that 'DSDS', a major competitor of the ProSieben format, will soon be eliminated. 'I don't assume that Peter Maffay will motivate RTL viewers to watch 'The Voice'' , she explains.