Protests over the murder of Mahsa Amini, Iran arrests 9 foreigners, including an Italian. Amnesty: 'Tehran wants to kill rioters'

The Islamic Republic does not stop the repression of protests in the streets over the death of Mahsa Amini, beaten to death because she wore the veil badly. Amnesty's complaint: 'We have proof: Tehran has given orders to kill the rioters'

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The repression of the Islamic Republic is getting tougher due to the protests in the square against the murder of Mahsa Amini, beaten to death by the police for having worn the veil badly. Nine people, including at least one Italian, were arrested. And Amnesty denounces: 'We have proof: Tehran has given orders to kill the rioters.' video 1 | video 2 | video 3

Mahsa Amini, Iranian women protest: they cut their hair and burn their hijabs Mahsa Amini, Iranian women protest: they cut their hair and burn their hijabs

Hadis Najafi, killed the 'girl with a tail' who demonstrated for Mahsa Amini - guard

THE PROTESTS - The situation is incandescent. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi accuses 'hostile foreign entities' of wanting to foment the revolt. Tehran's 007 announced that they had arrested nine people 'from Germany, Poland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries' involved in the demonstrations.

Models without a veil, the police arrest eight in Iran. But nobody says (almost) anything – guard

SYMBOL WOMEN - After Mahsa's death, another girl, Hadis Najafi, had been killed and had taken off her veil. And now the protest is bouncing on social media. Minoo Majiadi's daughter, killed by police in the Kurdish city of Kermanshah during protests, has herself photographed at her mother's grave. And another girl, Donya Rad, portrayed herself without a veil together with a friend of hers while she was having lunch in a restaurant in Tehran. Her sister revealed on Twitter that she was arrested shortly after and was never heard from again. The activist Masih Alinejad still shows on Twitter the images of the crosses made to mark the houses where slogans against the regime are chanted at night. But the repression seems terrible.

The incredible story of Sadaf Taherian: the actress denounced because she fled Iran without a veil - guard

THE COMPLAINT - Amnesty claims to have obtained an official document dated 21 September in which police commanders are given orders 'to deal with the troublemakers in a brutal manner'. On the same date, 34 people would have been killed. And 48 hours later, the NGO reveals, the commander of the province of Mazandaran would have ordered his men 'to deal without mercy, reaching the point of causing deaths, any disorder by rioters and anti-revolutionaries'. For Agnes Callamard, general secretary of Amnesty, the Iranian authorities 'have consciously decided to harm or kill people who have taken to the streets to express their anger against decades of repression'.

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