Putin's army retreating from Kherson. Moscow: 'US weapons lead to a direct conflict between Russia and NATO'

The White House: 'No indication that Russia is going to use the nuke'. But Moscow fears a direct confrontation with NATO. Seven hundred thousand people fleeing Putin after the call of reservists. Zelensky to Giorgia Meloni: 'We need new sanctions'

  Ukraine: Mariupol, continuous shelling, 1,170 dead More than 2,000 Kremlin soldiers have surrendered Photo Video

After the alarm Times on a Russian nuclear test on the Ukrainian border, the White House lets it be known that there is no 'indication that Russia is about to use a nuke'. But Moscow warns that the American shipment of arms to Kiev brings a direct confrontation with NATO closer. The Kremlin continues to lose ground in Ukraine, as the defense ministry admits, and 700,000 people have fled the country due to the call-up of reservists. Zelensky calls Giorgia Meloni and asks her to support new sanctions. The price of gas falls below 160 euros per megawatt hour, to the lows of July. - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4 | video 5 | video 6

Russia, first admission: 'Long war, we need to stop' Russia, first admission: 'Long war, we need to stop'

The Times: “Putin wants a nuclear test on the border with Ukraine

THE NUCLEAR ALARM - Concerns about nuclear power continue to hold sway after the publication of the Times of the news of a possible Russian atomic test on the Ukrainian border. The British newspaper cited an intelligence report sent by NATO to the Member States, in which the Poseidon submarine was hypothesized as a possible source of attack ( guard ) that would be moving in the Arctic. Bill Burns, director of the CIA, later told CBS that Vladimir Putin, to whom Beijing has also denied military support, 'now feels cornered and can be rather dangerous and reckless'. But the Kremlin soon poured water on the fire. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismisses the story as follows: “In the Western media, Western politicians, heads of state now have many exercises in nuclear rhetoric. We don't want to take part in this.' And in the evening the comment of the White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre also arrives: 'We take any nuclear threat very seriously. At the moment we have no indication that Russia is preparing immediately to use that type of weapon'. However, the deputy director of the non-proliferation and arms control department of the Moscow Foreign Ministry, Konstantin Vorontsov, told the Tass that US military support for Kiev 'pushes the situation closer to the dangerous point of a direct military confrontation between Russia and NATO'.

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ZELENSKY'S WORDS TO GIORGIA MELONI - Volodymyr Zelensky had a long telephone conversation with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The American president has pledged to support him 'for as long as necessary' and to impose sanctions on any country that supports the annexation of the four Ukrainian regions subjected to a referendum in Moscow. The leader of Kiev also spoke with Giorgia Meloni. He recites a note from the Brothers of Italy: “Zelensky congratulated Meloni on the victory of the Brothers of Italy in the political elections and he said he was certain he could count on a fruitful collaboration with the next Italian government. Zelensky also thanked for Italy's support also with regard to the new decree on the shipment of weapons just examined by Copasir and expressed the hope that Meloni will be able to go to Kiev as soon as possible '. The leader of the Brothers of Italy, for her part, 'recalled the closeness that Brothers of Italy and the European conservatives have shown towards Kiev since the first day of the war, she confirmed her full support for the cause of the freedom of the Ukrainian people , reiterated that the declaration of annexation of four Ukrainian regions by the Russian Federation has no legal and political value and underlined its commitment to every diplomatic effort useful for ending the conflict'. On Telegram, Zelensky adds that he 'discussed the need to introduce further sanctions against Russia, in particular by strengthening the eighth EU sanctions package and banning EU states from issuing tourist visas to Russian citizens'.

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WAR FRONTS - Then, in the usual evening video to the nation, the Ukrainian president made a military point: 'In the south of the country, the Ukrainian army is making a rapid and powerful advance as part of our defense operations. Dozens of villages have already been exempt from Russia's sham referendum this week alone. Our soldiers don't stop. And it is only a matter of time before we expel the occupier from all of our land.” It is the Russian defense ministry itself that admits the retreat from the northern part of Kherson, where various cities have been abandoned, such as Dudchany, leaving at least thirty kilometers of territory to the Ukrainians. The representative of the intelligence of Kiev, Andrey Yusov, speaks on TV of the request for surrender of many enemies: 'To ask to surrender are not only the soldiers who are on the territory of Ukraine as occupiers, but also those who have just been mobilized and are still on the territory of the Russian Federation. The requests also come from their relatives, or from people who fear they might be mobilized. In just a few weeks we have already received more than 2,000 requests for surrender'. And for Forbes there are even 700,000 people who have left Russia after the call of the reservists, 200,000 on the Kazakh border.

Ukraine, Putin goes on TV: '300,000 reservists recalled'. Escape from Moscow, queues at the border - guard

GAS PRICE AT THE LOWEST OF JULY - Moscow must also cash in on the expulsion of the consul of Sapporo, Japan, who came in response to Moscow's expulsion of a Tokyo diplomat accused of espionage. According to Tass , Gazprom could cut off gas supplies to Moldova due to payment difficulties. Meanwhile, right on the gas front, the first good news arrives: it has dropped below 60 euros per megawatt hour at the TTF, the lowest since last July. Currently, gas from Moscow represents 9% of the EU total, compared to 40% before the conflict. The first supplier is now Norway.

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