Putin's wrath: 'The West wants revolutions and bloodbaths'. The embassy in Moscow: 'Italians should evaluate whether to leave Russia'

Moscow annexes the occupied regions. The Kremlin: 'We don't know if Nord Stream will ever be restarted'. Berlin puts a shield on the 200 billion gas. Russian soldiers intercepted: 'They order us to kill everyone'

  Turkmen President Serdar Berdymukhamedov visits Moscow Vladimir Putin says he is confident: 'Western unipolar hegemony is inexorably crumbling' Photo Video

The anger of Vladimir Putin explodes, convinced that the West wants 'revolutions and bloodbaths'. And he annexes the occupied regions. After the fourth breach in Nord Stream, the Kremlin says it is certain of a terrorist act and makes it known: 'We do not know if it will ever be restarted'. Berlin puts a shield of 200 billion on gas. The Italian and Romanian embassies invite compatriots to leave Russia. Hungary threatens to veto the new sanctions. And the interceptions of Moscow soldiers appear: 'They order us to kill everyone.' - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4 | video 5

Nord Stream pipeline, leaks and explosions. The Baltic seethes Nord Stream pipeline, leaks and explosions. The Baltic is boiling

Vladimir Putin, the two daughters Maria and Katerina sanctioned by the US: 'They hide their father's assets' - X Gossip guard

THE INTERCEPTED SOLDIERS - Day of fire in Ukraine, which began with a strong explosion in the residential area of ​​Melitopol. According to the newspaper Ria Melitopol , the target would have been a Ukrainian collaborator of the Russians, who however survived: “The device was attached to a tree and exploded as a vehicle was passing. The vehicle was damaged and its driver sustained minor injuries.' In the late afternoon Russian cluster bombs hit a bus stop in Mykolaiv, causing at least 2 deaths and 12 injuries. However, the Ukrainian forces continue the reconquest of the territories, regaining control of Kupiansk. And the interceptions of Russian soldiers in early March appeared, when the frustration of the army was already emerging for a blitzkrieg that turned out to be a swamp. Some phrases from the phone calls are taken from the Corriere della Sera : “Our offensive is stalled. We are losing this war” (Sergey). “Half of our regiment is gone” (Andrey). “They ordered us to kill everything we see” (Sergey). “When I get home, I drop everything. Fuck the army” (Vlad). “Putin is an idiot. He wants to take Kiev. But there is no way to do it” (Aleksandr). “Mom, this war is the worst choice made by our government. When will all this end, Putin? Damn'. And in fact, no one at home wants to leave for Ukraine anymore. According to British 007, there are more reservists on the run than soldiers at the front: 'In the seven days since President Putin announced his partial mobilization there has been a considerable exodus of Russians trying to escape the call. While the exact numbers are unclear, it likely exceeds the size of the total invasion force Russia fielded in February 2022.' Checkpoints and recruitment offices will be set up on the Kazakh border. And the exodus has been blocked since midnight in Finland, which has closed the border. The deputy head of the Directorate of the General Staff of Ukraine, Alexei Gromov says that, in any case, “conscription by those responsible for military service continues actively in Russia. More than 100,000 of the 300,000 people announced have already been summoned. We believe that the figure of 300,000 is not definitive. It is very probable that the number of mobilized will be considerably higher”. And for Volodymyr Zelensky “there are already 58,500 Russian soldiers who have died in Ukraine. They come to kill us and die. You are not told these numbers. You are being lied to about an alleged death toll of around six thousand. This is the truth. They all died because one person wanted this war.'

Valery Zaluzhny, the kind general who put the Russian army in trouble – guard

RUSSIA ANNEXES OCCUPIED REGIONS - Today Russia annexes the regions occupied in the presence of Vladimir Putin: these are Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, where the highly contested referendums were held. In response, Zelensky convened the Security Council. And his advisor Mykhailo Podolyak denounced on Twitter what he calls a 'Kremlin freak show' or 'the announced ceremony of entry' of the regions into Moscow. Joe Biden speaks from Washington: “I want to be very clear on this issue: the United States will never, ever, ever recognize Russia's claims to Ukraine's sovereign territories. The so-called referendum was a fake, a real fake”. The same position was taken by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres: 'Any decision to proceed with the annexation of the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia has no legal value and deserves to be condemned.' The spokeswoman for the European Commission, Dana Spinant, speaks of a 'farce' referendum. But also from Ankara comes a sharp no to the recognition of the referendums. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a telephone conversation with Putin, still seeking mediation.

Ukraine, Putin goes on TV: '300,000 reservists recalled'. Escape from Moscow, queues at the border - guard

PUTIN'S WRATH - But the Moscow leader vents all his anger at the meeting of the heads of the intelligence services of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), speaking of the conflict as one of the results of the 'dissolution of the Soviet Union', as reported by the Tass . And he points the finger at the West, ready to 'endanger every country, transforming it into an epicenter of crisis, causing color revolutions and bloodbaths'. In his opinion, 'Western unipolar hegemony is inexorably crumbling' but 'the West refuses to accept it, conducting a policy of diktat in all sectors and always creating new problems and always new crises'. At the same time, China extends a hand, saying it is ready, through Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei, to 'increase strategic military communication' with Russia.

Iryna Vereschuk, the Ukrainian deputy prime minister is a mother soldier: here is the story of one of the symbols of the resistance - guard

THE ALARM OF THE EMBASSY - The Italian embassy in Moscow, given the development of events, issued a statement: 'Considering the most recent evolution of the international context and the growing difficulty in air and road connections leaving Russia, it is recommended that compatriots present in Russia assess whether the stay is necessary and, if not, to leave the country'. The same recommendation comes from the Romanian foreign ministry to its compatriots, also invited to 'avoid crowded places where demonstrations are taking place and not to get involved in the developments of any protest actions or other demonstrations that could degenerate into urban violence'. In fact, the level of tension continues to rise, also due to the effect of the new EU sanctions, which will affect other goods: from make-up to cigars, from washing machines to toilet paper. The Commission would also like to ban imports that bring more income to Russia, such as wood. But Hungary threatens its veto: 'If the new package of sanctions includes restrictive measures on energy, Hungary will not support it'. This was stated by the minister of the presidency of the Council of Ministers of Budapest, Gergely Gulyas, in a press conference.

Volodymyr Zelensky, fury on the UN: “If you have only words, the United Nations must be dismantled. We need a trial like in Nuremberg' - guard

GOODBYE NORTH STREAM? - The Swedes have discovered a fourth leak in the Nord Stream gas pipeline. And that there has been sabotage is evident to almost everyone. By whom, remains one of the many mysteries of the conflict. For Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov it is 'a terrorist act, probably by a foreign country'. And while the exchange of accusations with Kiev and Washington continues, Peskov himself admits that he does not know if Nord Stream will ever be operational again. Meanwhile, Berlin announces a 200 billion mega-shield to curb gas prices, which collapse to 186 euros. In this way, the German government will directly help companies. Chancellor Olaf Scholz explains: “Russia continues its war against Ukraine, and what's more, it is also using its own energy supplies as a weapon. After the destruction of the gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea we know that the gas supply to Germany will soon cease completely. But we are prepared, we are ready. We import gas from other countries, we use the capacities of many ports in the east and north, our stocks are at 90%. The coal plants continue to operate” and two of the three nuclear plants “will continue to operate until April 2023”. Estonia also promises to stop using Russian gas by the end of the year. While an EU source reveals how the price cap situation is still stalled: 'We do not exclude anything but a generalized price cap for all gas imported into the EU requires a mechanism that is difficult to prepare in the short term'.

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