Putin: “The clash with Ukraine was inevitable. Zelensky, announcement in the night: 'We are ready for a just peace'

Zelensky says he is willing to negotiate peace. The satellite communications of the Kiev army go down. The counter-offensive is successful in the south and north-east. The king of Baherin offers himself as mediator. The US sends another 400 million in military aid

  volodymyr-zelensky-oggi-32 The Ukrainian leader had not spoken of negotiations for some time. Even if the required conditions will not please Putin Photo Video

Zelensky willing to negotiate, even if the conditions he announces are more like those of a Russian surrender. 1300 units jump Starlink for satellite communications of the Ukrainian army. According to Kiev, Vladimir Putin's soldiers looted the Kherson art museum. The NATO secretary general flies to Turkey to convince Ankara to approve the entry of Sweden and Finland into the Alliance. The United States sends another 400 million in military aid. And the king of Baherin proposes himself as a mediator for peace. - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video4

Ukraine, Poland and Russian city Kaliningrad divided by barbed wire Ukraine, Poland and Russian city Kaliningrad divided by barbed wire

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THE WORDS OF PUTIN AND ZELENSKY - Vladimir Putin talks there Tass of the origin of the conflict and says: “The confrontation of Russia with the neo-Nazi regime that emerged on the territory of Ukraine was inevitable, and if no appropriate actions were taken on our part in February, everything would have been the same, only from a position worse for us'. For weeks, Moscow has said it is open to negotiations, but obviously bearing in mind the annexation of the four regions subjected to a referendum. In the evening Zelensky replies with a video on Telegram: “Everything Russia says to some foreign leaders about its alleged willingness to negotiate is false. When someone thinks of negotiations he doesn't look for ways to deceive everyone around him, sending tens or hundreds of thousands of other people, reservists or mercenaries, into the meat grinder ”. But then, for the first time in a long time, he says he is willing to negotiate, even if what he is asking is more like an unconditional surrender from Moscow: 'We are ready for peace, for a just peace, the formula for which we have expressed several times : respect for the UN Charter, respect for our territorial integrity, respect for our people, bring to justice all those who are guilty and full compensation for the damages that Russia has caused us'. If until now it had been Turkey that acted as a possible mediator, now the king of Bahrain is also proposing, with a statement from his embassy in Moscow: 'His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain reiterates Bahrain's willingness to act as a intermediary between Russia and Ukraine to stop the conflict”.

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COMMUNICATIONS JUMP - Kiev is grappling with a communications problem after it became known that 1,300 satellite units of the Starlink by Elon Musk. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba predicts that by the end of the year Ukraine will be equipped with air and missile defense systems, thanks to international partners. Also on the way another 400 million in military aid from the United States, which includes drones, armored vehicles and, for the first time, 90 tanks. The first batch of armored vehicles also arrives from Greece. And the counteroffensive proceeds quickly. US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said: 'Ukrainians continue to make headway in the south and northeast, where they are pushing back Russian lines.' In particular, in a report by the Southern Ukrainian Operational Command, there is talk of 70 attacks carried out against the Moscow positions in the south. However: “As a result of the barbaric strategy of massive explosions of boats and vessels located near the docks and moorings of the Dnipro and its tributaries, the Russians have created a colossal ecological threat. Tons of fuel leaked from damaged vessels are now heading downstream into the delta, towards the protected area of ​​Nyzhniodniprovskyi National Nature Park.' We are obviously in the Kherson area, from where new accusations against the Kremlin are starting: “The Kherson art museum was looted by the Russian occupiers. According to them, this is called 'evacuation', according to us it is looting' so reports the museum's Facebook page. The bodies of three other civilians killed were discovered in the region. And in the city of the same name and capital, the pro-Russians first announced a 24-hour curfew, and then backtracked.

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NATO IN TURKEY - The cold is now making itself felt. But according to the prime minister of Kiev, Denys Shmyhal, the country has 14.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas in its underground deposits, enough to get through the winter despite the raids. In the closing press conference of the G7 in Munster, the German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, however, assures that the Ukrainian population will be supplied with “electric generators, sanitary systems, container houses. Over 8 months of war and destruction, a perfidious attack on the international order have marked our presidency like never before. Every day that passes is one day too many for innocent people and a missed opportunity for Putin to stop this war and send his troops back to Russian territory.' In the G7 conclusions, there are not only admonitions to Russia to end the conflict: “Today we establish a G7 coordination mechanism to help Ukraine repair, restore and defend its critical energy and water infrastructure . We look forward to the December 13 international conference in Paris to support Ukraine's civil resilience, organized by France and Ukraine. We also welcome the results of the 25 October International Conference of Experts in Berlin and remain committed to contributing to the recovery, reconstruction and modernization of Ukraine. We will stand firmly with Ukraine for as long as necessary.' Jens Stoltenberg, NATO secretary general, has meanwhile flown to Turkey. On Twitter he wrote: “It was fantastic to be hosted by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul. I thanked the president for his pivotal role in ensuring the continuation of the grain deal in Ukraine. We also discussed finalizing the NATO membership of Finland and Sweden, which will make our alliance stronger.'

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IRAN AND RUSSIA ISOLATED - The 007 Americans let the Cnn the news of the help that Tehran allegedly asked Moscow to strengthen its nuclear program in exchange for the weapons supplied in the conflict, the infamous kamikaze drones. The fuel could be useful to Iran to power its reactors and speed up the development of the nuclear weapon. In this regard, Kirby confided to journalists: “Iran and Russia have become very close in the last 8 months, this is a sign of how isolated the two countries are always and of Putin's difficulties in Ukraine. Both countries want to spit in the face of international law that the rest of the world respects. Putin shows that he wants to continue the war and Iran shows that it wants to help him in this”.

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