Racism at Buckingham Palace, the latest background on the Ngozi Fulani case

The activist's allegations hit Queen Elizabeth's former lady companion (and William's godmother). Now new details of the story emerge

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Racism at Buckingham Palace, there are those who have no doubts and point the finger at the royal family. And there are also some British tabloids that have dug deeper into the story. Coming to reveal unpublished backgrounds. Certainly Ngozi Fulani's accusations against Lady Susan Hussey, Queen Elizabeth's former lady-in-waiting, have renewed the wounds opened by Meghan Markle: Prince Harry's wife, in fact, in the past had pointed her finger at a member of the Windsors, never named, accusing him of racial hatred. The case thus went viral. Fresh accusations of racism have cast more shadows over the Crown. But two tweets from the black activist and her 2017 interview open up many questions about what happened Photo | video

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Racism scandal engulfs Buckingham Palace: here's how things went (and the exact dialogue) - guard

THE EPISODE - It all started at a reception organized by Queen Camilla. Among the guests are Lady Susan Hussey, for a lifetime lady-in-waiting to the late Queen Elizabeth, as well as godmother to Prince William's baptism. And Ngozi Fulani, a black woman representing the association Sistah Space which deals with domestic violence. After their exchange, the activist will tell newspapers and TV that she felt at the center of 'an interrogation' the victim 'of abuse, even if not violence'. And she will explain to Independent : “It was not just an individual case, it is an example of institutional racism”. But what was it all about? Simply, during their meeting, Lady Hussey insistently asked her about her origins. And it is important to understand the reported dialogue to understand why now the British media have doubts about what happened.

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THE DIALOGUE - Here is how their speech was reconstructed.

Lady Hussey: “Where does it come from?”
Fulani: “Sistah Space”
Lady Hussey: 'No, I mean .. where does it come from?'
Fulani: 'We live in Hackney'
Lady Hussey: 'No, I mean... what part of Africa are you from?'
Fulani: 'I don't know, I don't have this information.'
Lady Hussey: “Well, but you should know. Where is he from?'
Fulani: 'I'm from here. United Kingdom'.
Lady Hussey: 'No, but what nationality are you?'
Fulani: 'I was born here, I'm British'
Lady Hussey: “No, where does it really come from? Where are your people from?'
Fulani: 'Your people? Madam, what does he say!'
Lady Hussey: 'Ok, so I challenge you to tell me more about your origins. When did she first get here?”
Fulani: 'Madam! I'm British, my parents arrived in Great Britain in the 1950s when...'
Lady Hussey: 'Ah, well, I knew we'd get to this point: she's Caribbean!'
Fulani: 'No, ma'am. I'm of African descent, of Caribbean descent and have always been British.'

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I TWEET - When the case ended up on TV, the reactions in court were immediate. Buckingham Palace has opened an internal investigation. William dumped Lady Hussey on the spot: 'Racism has no place in our family.' And the mortified woman resigned: 'My deepest apologies for the pain I have caused: I will immediately leave my role'. Dan Wootton del Daily Mail however, he discovered that it is not the first time that Ngozi has attacked the royal family: and in this regard he has unearthed two explicit tweets. In March 2021, the activist accused Carlo and Camilla of 'domestic violence' against Meghan: 'A shocking unproven claim' commented the journalist. In a second tweet, Ngozi targeted the Windsors for not inviting Harry and Meghan to the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the Platinum Jubilee: even then he made accusations of racism.

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THE INTERVIEW - But that's not enough. Jan Moir, columnist of the Daily Mail , marvels at how Lady Hussey slipped: “She was a quasi-diplomat all her life, alongside the late Queen on countless royal tours and thousands of receptions, just like this one. And when she met this woman of African descent, who was rightfully proud of her African culture and wore what appeared to be some form of African dress, was it really that awful of her to ask what part of Africa she was from? Perhaps she even asked when she gathered information as a prelude to introducing Ngozi to Camilla or other official figures, because that's what ladies-in-waiting do at events like this.' Not only. Moir recalls how it was Ngozi, in a 2017 interview, who said how she loved to wear her 'African clothing' which sometimes includes 'Kente fabric from Ghana, in red gold and green'. And she still remembered how people who didn't look like her sometimes seemed 'uncomfortable' because 'we are totally African'. Moreover, adds the editorialist, Ngozi 'was invited to Buckingham Palace in her role as founder of Sistah Space , an initiative that offers specialist support to women of African and Caribbean origin who have suffered abuse. If an octogenarian lady-in-waiting is confused by one dress and glides smoothly into the terrifying nuances of modern race relations, is that really a matter of global significance?” The journalist concludes by arguing that neither Lady Hussey nor Ngozi Fulani come out of this story particularly well. But even assuming that they have unknowingly become pawns in a 'much bigger game'.

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