Racism scandal engulfs Buckingham Palace: here's how things went (and the exact dialogue)

The storm rages on Buckingham Palace for what happened during a reception organized by Camilla Parker Bowles. The person responsible for the 'crime' was fired on the spot. But the waste remains. And above all the words that triggered everything

  lady-hussey-leather-some William d’Inghilterra and Kate Middleton of Boston. E Ngozi Fulani recounts the accreditation on ITV’s Good Morning Britain Photo Video

The storm breaks out on the Windsors over the racism scandal at court. A scandal that began just as William of England and Kate Middleton arrived in the United States for the ceremony of the Earthshot Prize environmentalist award (also greeted by some boos for this - guard ). All for the phrases that Lady Susan Hussey, 83, Elizabeth II's lady-in-waiting and William's godmother, addressed to a black guest during a reception organized by Queen Camilla Parker Bowles. It ended with the royal couple booed at the Celtics stadium, an internal investigation at Buckingam Palace and many apologies from the outgoing Lady Hussey. But what really happened? Photo | video

Kate and William in Boston between basketball and controversy Kate and William in Boston between basketball and controversy

Kate Middleton and William of England in Boston between basketball, smiles and… embarrassment over the racism scandal - guard

THE FACTS - Ngozi Fulani, a black woman representative of the association, was present at Camilla's reception Sistah Space which deals with domestic violence. But there is also Lady Hussey, a longtime friend of the Windsors, so much so that she held Prince William at baptism. The exchange of words between the two will be told by Ngozi on TV and in the newspapers. She, the woman, will say that she felt at the center of 'an interrogation' the victim 'of abuse, even if not of violence'. And she will explain to Independent : “It was not just an individual case, it is an example of institutional racism”.

Meghan Markle and Harry of England: images, words and accusations of the 100 million dollar docu-series - guard

THE WORD - And here is the dialogue that allegedly took place between the two, in which the baroness insisted on knowing the origins of Ngozi.

Lady Hussey: “Where does it come from?”
Fulani: “Sistah Space”
Lady Hussey: 'No, I mean .. where does it come from?'
Fulani: 'We live in Hackney'
Lady Hussey: 'No, I mean... what part of Africa are you from?'
Fulani: 'I don't know, I don't have this information.'
Lady Hussey: “Well, but you should know. Where is he from?'
Fulani: 'I'm from here. United Kingdom'.
Lady Hussey: 'No, but what nationality are you?'
Fulani: 'I was born here, I'm British'
Lady Hussey: “No, where does it really come from? Where are your people from?'
Fulani: 'Your people? Madam, what does he say!'
Lady Hussey: 'Ok, so I challenge you to tell me more about your origins. When did she first get here?”
Fulani: 'Madam! I'm British, my parents arrived in Great Britain in the 1950s when...'
Lady Hussey: 'Ah, well, I knew we'd get to this point: she's Caribbean!'
Fulani: 'No, ma'am. I'm of African descent, of Caribbean descent and have always been British.'

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BOOSTING AT THE STADIUM AND RESIGNATION - As soon as the news broke, William immediately dumped his godmother and angrily declared: 'Racism has no place in our family.' But when he arrived at Boston's TD Garden stadium to watch a basketball game with Kate, he was met with more than a few boos. An official comment came from Buckingham Palace: “Lady Hussey's comments were unacceptable and decidedly unpleasant. We have opened an investigation into this case which we are taking into serious consideration: for us, diversity and incisiveness are fundamental issues'. And Lady Hussey, mortified, resigned: 'My deepest apologies for the pain I have caused: I will immediately leave my role'.

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THE RACISM - But why all the fuss? Probably because the royal family has repeatedly been accused of racism. Last year the Guardian he found some archival documents on the basis of which, in the 1960s, clerical work for 'black and foreign migrants' was allegedly prohibited in the Palazzo. Also according to those documents, Queen Elizabeth would have been exempt from anti-discrimination laws. But, as is known, Meghan Markle is also pointing the finger at the Wndsors, who two years ago, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey with Harry, accused a member of the royal family of racism towards his son Archie. But she didn't mention his name. And the race to break free has started.

Charles of England receives the first world leader…But all eyes are on Kate Middleton (who obscures Queen Camilla) – guard

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