Raffaele Sollecito returns to talk about the crime of Meredith Kercher: “Me and Amanda? Young and a little foolish '

Fifteen years after the Perugia murder, one of the protagonists of the sensational court case reappears in a documentary and reiterates his innocence: 'Then we didn't understand what was happening to us'

  Press conference by Raffaele Sollecito on the appeal to the Supreme Court Raffaele Sollecito has no doubts: 'Rudy Guede is the murderer' Photo Video

Raffaele Sollecito returns to talk about the Perugia crime. And he does so in a documentary, fifteen years after Meredith Kercher's death, recalling how he and Amanda Knox got into trouble: 'We were just young and a little foolish, we didn't understand what was going on.' Photo | video

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THE DOCUMENTARY - The documentary, entitled Who Murdered Meredith Kercher? will be released in the UK on August 25, airing on Paramount +. To anticipate the contents on the Daily Mail , the journalist Kate Mansey, who traces the whole story, from the discovery of the body to the arrest of the two boyfriends Raffaele and Amanda, from the unjust accusations against Patrick Lumumba to the conviction of Rudy Guede. Kate is one of the authors of the documentary and remembers: “Today, the Kercher family is not yet clear what really happened that night”. But she admits: 'There seems to be no reliable piece of evidence to convict Sollecito and his girlfriend who became known as Foxy Knoxy ... So why were they forced to spend years in prison for a crime they didn't commit?'

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WE WERE JUST YOUNG AND FOOLISH - Kate, above all, is among the journalists who interviewed Raffaele immediately after the death of the English student, which took place in the apartment in Perugia that she shared with Amanda, among others. She and she describes him like this: “He just looks older than he was then. Today, however, it is not the situation of Meredith and her family that is at the center of her thoughts, but her own unhappiness - another sign of immaturity that I first saw in him fifteen years ago. Yet you could grant him a little self-pity when you listen to the ordeal he has endured '. Raffaele and Amanda were at the center of a very long process, at the end of which they were definitively acquitted. The only one to be sentenced, but with an abbreviated rite, was the Ivorian Rudy Guede, whose DNA was at the crime scene. You remember Raffaele in the documentary: “Four years in prison. Six months of isolation. And I still feel that bitterness today, even though I went on with my life. I'm sorry I was immature. But we were young. We were just, I mean, a bit silly, we didn't understand what was going on. If your girlfriend's roommate is killed, everyone reacts differently ”.

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THERE ARE NO DOUBTS - Despite everything, the former Apulian student claims that he is still discriminated against when looking for a job. But there is no peace with how the investigation was carried out, even after the evidence against Rudy had been found: 'There was no reason to separate his case. What I don't understand is that the prosecution did not want to question him. He is the killer. He is the one who had the most things to say in this case, and they didn't care. ' He would like Meredith's brothers (parents are both dead) to understand that he is truly innocent: “It's very difficult when someone you care about is lost forever. But the truth is, I have nothing to do with this murder. I hope that one day they will accept it ”. And Kate defines the investigation into the Perugia crime as follows: 'One thing is certain: the botched and inept police investigation will go down in history as one of the most scandalous betrayals of justice'.

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