Rain of missiles on Kiev: half of the residents without water, almost 300,000 people without electricity

After a massive attack on energy infrastructure, more than 40% of the capital's residents were left without water. And there are 270,000 homes without electricity. Biden irritated with Zelensky for requesting new aid. Putin ready to open gas hub in Turkey: 'Many in Europe want agreements'

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Missile rain on Kiev. And the capital remains for a long time without water or light. But despite the restoration work, 40% of residents are still disconnected from the pipes and 270,000 apartments are without electricity. IAEA launches inspections in Ukraine over Moscow's 'dirty bomb' allegations. The Kremlin points the finger at Great Britain: with the attack on the Crimea, London would have created a 'casus belli'. Putin demands that Zelensky guarantee the safety of maritime traffic before discussing agreements on grain exports. And he assures: “Many in Europe want gas agreements, we can make hubs in Turkey quickly.” - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video4

Crimea, so Kiev's drones dodge the attack Crimea, so Kiev's drones dodge the attack

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THE CAPITAL WITHOUT WATER - Yesterday morning 50 missiles crashed throughout Ukraine, damaging the energy infrastructures of the Cherkasy and Chernivtsi regions, but also those of the capital. The anti-aircraft fire shot down some of them, one of which crashed in the Moldavian city of Naslavcea. For many hours, 80% of Kiev residents were left without water and tonight more than 40% of the city's inhabitants still did. According to mayor Vitaly Klitschko there are '270,000 apartments without electricity'. The Moscow defense ministry has officially announced the end of the partial mobilization of the reservists, which has been talked about for days. And the IAEA has kicked off the inspection in Ukraine, after allegations by the Kremlin that Zelensky was making a dirty bomb, i.e. contaminated with radioactive material. It was Kiev itself that asked the inspectors, claiming they had nothing to hide.

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THE WHEAT DEALS – In the meantime, the Istanbul agreements on wheat, signed on July 22, but suspended by Putin after the attack suffered in Sevastopol against the Black Sea Fleet, are still taking hold. According to the Russians, in fact, the explosive drones would have taken advantage of the 'safe corridors' of grain to launch the offensive. The head of UN Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffiths, does not lose hope about a second thought: “We are encouraged by Russia's assurance that it will not withdraw from the Black Sea grain initiative and will only temporarily suspend activities. The initiative is too important to fail, however stormy the waters. We're wasting time, the shipping industry is wasting money, and we're delaying food delivery when millions of people are hungry and can't pay their bills.' On the subject, a telephone conversation took place between the defense ministers of Russia and Turkey, Sergei Shoigu and Hulusi Akar, who underline: 'The suspension of the agreement has no winners, only losers. Stopping ships has repercussions on all of humanity. We will do everything possible to restart the agreement and reach a ceasefire'. But the Kremlin has specific requests to make: it is asking Ukraine to demilitarize the grain corridors and in a statement lets it be known that 'guaranteeing the security of anything in this area cannot be discussed until Ukraine assumes further commitments not to use this route for military purposes'.

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PUTIN'S WORDS - Putin himself, in a press conference in Sochi, specified: “We are not talking about ending our participation in the wheat agreement, no. We're talking about what we're suspending.' As for who is losing out with the suspension of the agreements, the Kremlin leader points out that so far only 3 to 5% of exported grain has ended up in poor countries. And he adds: “Ukraine must ensure that there will be no threats to Russian civilian shipping and supply vessels.” The rain of missiles shot down on Kiev constitutes, he assures, the response to the attack on Sevastopol and 'it is not all we could have done'. So his attention shifts to gas and the hub that he could have built in Turkey 'quickly enough'. So he says to Ria Novosti : “I am sure that gas contracts will be signed, there are many in Europe who will want it. There are always gas buyers. This product is in great demand around the world. It is the greenest hydrogen and an ideal primary energy source for the green energy transition period.” Finally, Putin announces that Gazprom has been authorized to investigate the sabotage of Nord Stream.

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TENSIONS WITH GREAT BRITAIN - But international tension is getting higher and higher. The spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, in fact accuses London of having created a 'casus belli' with its participation in the attack on Sevastopol and with the sabotage of Nord Stream (facts that Great Britain continues to deny): 'Yes it is a direct and not an indirect participation of the British Army in a military act against a critical Russian facility. This does not mean at all that Russia should immediately answer to Great Britain. But London's provocative actions certainly constitute a point of no return in our already difficult relations and cannot remain without a strong reaction on our part since an unanswered act of aggression against Russia creates a feeling of impunity in the enemy and it encourages him to take more adventurous actions.” It is not enough. The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Dutch ambassador in Moscow, Gilles Plug, to notify him of a note of protest: it is claimed that the British 007s have tried to recruit the military attaché in the Russian embassy in The Hague.

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BIDEN LOSES PEACE WITH ZELENSKY - In Washington meanwhile they would be losing patience. The broadcaster reports it Nbc , which speaks of an 'irritated' Joe Biden after Volodymyr Zelensky asked for 'more help' despite a green light for a billion in armaments. Norway raises the alert level, as Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store said: 'At the moment we have no reason to believe that Russia wants to directly involve Norway or any other country in the war, but the conflict in Ukraine means that it is necessary that all NATO countries are increasingly on guard”. And the tug of war with Moscow is destined to continue, if one reads what the top institutions declare on social media. On Twitter, the President of the European Council Charles Michel writes: “We condemn in the strongest terms the Russian missile attacks against Kiev and critical infrastructure in other regions. Moscow's strategy of sowing fear won't work. We will continue to stand by Ukraine for as long as necessary.' And the Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala twitters: 'Ukrainians are not fighting only for their country, but for the whole of Europe. Our support must continue.'

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