Rammstein concert: the organizer makes a drastic decision

  The mega concert in Munich by Rammstein has not been under a good star so far. The mega concert in Munich by Rammstein has not been under a good star so far. Bild: imago images / imago images

Rammstein is currently running in zigzags: just last week, the band attracted a lot of attention, because a planned concert had really divided the city of Munich. Now there was another surprising development.

The organizer Klaus Leutgeb (organizer of Andreas Gabalier or Helene Fischer concerts, for example) recently offered the city of Munich to let Rammstein play on the Theresienwiese on New Year's Eve. For a variety of reasons, this idea not only drew dissenting votes, but also provoked a downright dispute within the city council.

The main reasons for the dispute were the already high utilization of the police on New Year's Eve, but also the little time left to plan the event.

Rammstein concert: surprising turnaround

Despite the argument, the majority finally decided to go to the concert. Munich can thus send a signal of 'coolness, relaxation and cosmopolitanism'. , said CSU parliamentary group leader Manuel Pretzl. The only condition was that the organizer should present a good security concept for the event.

Now, however, came the turnaround: the concert has now been cancelled. After this big discussion about the concert it was now the organizer himself, of all people, who has now withdrawn the offer – which caused disappointed reactions from the city council. Anne Hübner, leader of the parliamentary group SPD in Munich, tweeted: 'All the political media excitement for nothing.'

Leutgeb announced his decision on Tuesday morning in a video conference with the approval authorities. He explained that the hurdles that stood in the way of the concert were too high for him to plan the event. Exactly which points were decisive for him remained open. Certainly, however, it affects some of the arguments that had previously caused controversy.

The press release that followed was short and sweet. It was only formulated in two sentences that the decision had been made 'mutually', for reasons of common sense. In the concrete wording, Leutgeb wrote, among other things: 'An event has to work for everyone involved, which is why I, as the organizer, made a sensible decision.'

Source: watson.de