Rania of Jordan organizes her daughter-in-law Rajwa's bachelorette party: it's like a thousand and one nights

The queen organizes a big party for her son Hussein's betrothed (they get married on June 1). “You are my hope before God for my firstborn,” she says. And then she melts into tears

 rania-ricevimento-marriage-hussein-rajwa Rania of Jordan, dream party for the promised daughter-in-law Rajwa Photo Video

Rania of Jordan is the mother-in-law of dreams. It will officially become so on 1 June, when her son Hussein will marry the young Saudi architect Rajwa Al Saif in a ceremony that will bring together a flood of (also) European crowned heads: there will be, among others, Juan Carlos and Sofia of Spain, Maxima of Holland with her husband Willem Alexander and the eldest daughter Amalia plus all the Scandinavian kings and princes. – photo | video

Rania of Jordan, daughter-in-law's bachelorette party is fabulous Rania of Jordan, daughter-in-law's bachelorette party is fabulous

Rania of Jordan, big party for daughter Salma's graduation. And Barack Obama also appears – guard

WHAT A PARTY! - And since the fateful date is almost there, Rania organizes, and then 'spreads' on Instagram, a big party, the henna party, for the future daughter-in-law Rajwa. That in the Zahran palace, in the capital, Amman, she finds herself surrounded by the affection of 600 women, among which the princesses and future sisters-in-law Salma (freshly graduated in California) and Iman (freshly married) stand out. It is, to use a football metaphor, the kick-off of a long and abundant week of celebrations, which will culminate with the wedding of Hussein and Rajwa. This party, which was attended by representatives of regions and provinces from all over the country, represents the bride's farewell to her family and her entry into the new one that she will form with Hussein (and which she will live under the umbrella of the royal family).

Rania of Jordan, the pre-wedding (and traditional) party for her daughter Iman is super chic - guard

MOMMY'S TEARS - Rania goes big. She brought together the best of local artisans, called the artist Nidaa Sharara to sing and two folk music groups and gave Rajwa a splendid traditional white dress with veil and gold embroidery, while the queen opted for a light blue dress. Then, she dissolved into tears: “Finally I have a daughter-in-law. Rajwa is my hope before God for Prince Hussein. Hussein is my first joy, my eldest son and I always dreamed of seeing him married.'

Rania of Jordan and her daughter Iman's wedding: the first royal wedding in Amman is a fairy tale guard

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