Raoul Bova escapes but it's not a detective film. He owes the taxman 400 thousand euros

The plaintiff, who has already been convicted of a similar crime, according to the Public Prosecutor's Office would have presented a fraudulent declaration. A dark period for the protagonist of Don Matteo who will also have to defend himself in court against a motorist who claims to have been attacked and whom he, in turn, has counter-complaint

 79 Venice International Film Festival 2022 Raoul Bova and Rocio Munoz Morales attend the last Mostra del Cinema in Venice Photo Video

Raoul Bova is very popular among women. The image of him, built over many years of career, is that of a gruff man, but sweet, strong and sincere. Here, his sincerity seems to be more convincing for the fans than for the treasury, which disputes him with an evasion of 417 thousand euros, dating back to 2011. More precisely, the disputed crime is that of 'fraudulent declaration by tricks' and the prosecutor has set the next hearing for 6 December 2022. Photo | video

Raoul Bova is moved on live TV by the memory of his parents Raoul Bova is moved on live TV by the memory of his parents

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IT'S NOT THE FIRST TIME – In reality, the relationship between Bova and the taxman is a tormented relationship. In fact, the plaintiff has already been sentenced in the first instance to one year and six months in 2017. The rest is the same as that being contested today: 'fraudulent declaration by artifice'. At the time, however, the object was an evasion of 600 thousand euros which took place between between 2005 and 2010. A sentence that Bova had not digested, and for which he had appealed at the time.

Raoul Bova goes to trial: he punched the motorist who had risked running over Rocio Munoz Morales - guard

TROUBLE THROWS THE OTHER – It is a tormented period for Raoul Bova, who in addition to the troubles with the taxman, in these days he also has to face in court a motorist who filed a complaint against him for private violence, threats and injuries. According to the plaintiff, Bova attacked him during a traffic dispute. Bova, who counterclaimed, claims that the man, while maneuvering, nearly ran over 33-year-old Rocío Muñoz Morales.

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