Raoul Bova on the meeting with the Pope and faith: 'Finding a balance is a conquest'. And on his partner Rocio: 'I believe in marriage'

On the eve of his new film, the actor confesses to Today about what he still seeks, between faith and love. Helped by his company Rocio Munoz Morales

 raoul-bova-cover-45-launch Raoul Bova on his partner Rocio Munoz Morales: 'I believe in marriage, but above all in love' Photo Video

In the new issue of Oggi, on newsstands from Thursday 3 November, Raoul Bova recounts his meeting with Pope Francis with emotion: “He always speaks out against the war. I wanted to tell him that I'm ready to be a knight of him, that he has my full share. But when you have the Pope in front of you, you are speechless. I asked him for a hug.' – Photo | video

Raoul Bova is moved on live TV by the memory of his parents Raoul Bova is moved on live TV by the memory of his parents

Raoul Bova and Rocio Munoz Morales, the holidays with Alberto Matano and her husband Riccardo Mannino erase the crisis - guard

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THE RELATIONSHIP WITH FAITH – “I was born into a Catholic family, baptized, communicated and confirmed. I was also a cub, I was a scout. Then the choice of roles I play is never casual. I absolutely wanted the part of Saint Francis (year 2002, ed). It was a moment in which I saw the contradictions of the Church, the scandals. In short, I felt in crisis in the search for my own spirituality... When Pope Francis chose that name, I interpreted it as a sign: I knew that sooner or later we would meet. Yes, in my life I have known priests who have left me traces of their vision, but I have always tried to find mine. I'm a rebel in a good way. Then there is Don Massimo from the 'Don Matteo' series, who offered me another piece for my inner research'.

Raul Bova and Rocio Munoz Morales from Golden Lion. The duel to the last look in Venice – guard

A CONTINUING RESEARCH – The actor explains: «If a man manages to find that light and that balance within himself, regardless of what religion is, it is an achievement. I haven't done it yet, but I'm working on it.' For Rocìo, his fellow actress always ready to support him, Bova has grateful words: «She plays down everything a bit. Often I go a little deeper into things, I'm introspective. And Rocìo says to me: 'Come on, let it go, don't get angry'». And again: «Since we met, my goodness how many have we been through! She had strength, courage. She has shown me love and sharing ». So why doesn't she decide to marry her?: «Maybe I'll surprise her when she least expects it. I believe in marriage, but above all in love… A union cemented by two daughters is profound, it means getting married in the heart».

The complete interview is in the new issue of Today

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