Rapper arrest warrant with bad news after scandal appearance

 Rapper warrant was with songs like"069" und "Chabos wissen wer der Babo ist" bekannt.  Rapper Haftbefehl became known with songs like '069' and 'Chabos know who Babo is'. Image: instagram/arrest warrant

Just a few days ago, the rapper got his arrest warrant Fans disappointed with a scandalous appearance in Mannheim. Videos circulating on social media show Hafti staggering across the stage. The concert, which started an hour late anyway, was canceled during the first song.

Actually, the performance was supposed to take place on July 20th, but the rapper canceled at short notice. 'Sorry, it wasn't possible yesterday, honestly and openly, for health reasons! Tried everything – but I didn't want to perform in front of you with 30 percent, you didn't deserve that,' wrote the arrest warrant in his story on July 21 Instagram .

sea ​​' stern 'He is said to have canceled other concerts on the current tour early or only started with a long delay. At the end of July it was already rumored whether he could go through his tour as planned. On August 17, the arrest warrant finally dropped the bombshell.

Arrest warrant reveals health problems

Unfortunately he had to cancel 'The Black and White Tour' without replacement for health reasons, the rapper writes on Instragam. 'My Body needs a break. A break that I don't know how long it will last,' explains arrest warrant, whose real name is Aykut Anhan.

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Tour tickets can be returned where they were purchased, he continues. 'Don't worry,' Haftsperre tries to calm his fans down. He leaves his followers in the dark about the health problems he suffers from. The comment function under the post is deactivated.

Ten performances affected by tour cancellation

For September there were performances in Stuttgart, Vienna, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Zurich, Leipzig, Hamburg, Berlin and Luxembourg planned. The rapper had already announced in May that most of the concerts were sold out.

However, music is no longer Hafti's only source of income. Born in Offenbach, he now also does business with NFTs and sells his own iced tea.

Source: watson.de