Raul Bova and Rocio Munoz Morales from Leone d’oro. The last look duel in Venice, here are the pass and fail

The godmother and her partner shine, Juliane Moore fascinates and Alessandro Borghi surprises (too much) the report cards on the last day of the Venice Festival

 bova-rocio-moore-vera-gemma-1920 The pass and fail of the final evening of the Venice Film Festival Photo Video

The 79th Venice Film Festival closes with the delivery of the Lions and prizes. But the debate on films and looks continues. Between eccentricity and elegance, between slips on banana peels and touches of great class we have really seen some beautiful ones ( to retrace the different evenings go to the special ). Here is the best of the last day - Photo | video

Gianmarco Tamberi champion also in Venice. Rocio Morales enchants. Passed and rejected on the red carpet - guard

PROMOTED - The black is on stage for the final evening and everyone adapts. But the golden couple of the festival certainly stands out Raul Bova in great shape and Rocio Munoz Morales , the godmother of the event, who wears a long black dress with a pink comma on the chest (vote 10 for the couple). Julianne Moore , the president of the jury, steals the show from them, gorgeous in a black, jagged and soft dress (grade 9). The model Elsa Hosk arrives wrapped in a leather dress tight at the waist (grade 7). But only she can afford it, wearing to others the effect would be very different. Alice Diop goes in white with a dress with pointed straps and regular shapes (grade 6).

Madalina Ghenea pays homage to Marilyn, Rocio Munoz Morales disappoints and the others - guard

IN THE MIDDLE STATES POWER – Taylor Russell she likes it, but doesn't dare with a black dress, with a skirt that widens at the feet and a (gigantic) bow on the back. Rating 6. Seeing the 1930s hair, perhaps he could have dared. Lapo Elkann and Joana Lemos they choose emerald green (rating 6 for a couple), he raises the average with a very drawn face, she dared too much and the front slit creates a lot of embarrassment.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, Salvini-Verdini, Sarah Ferguson and the others: how many 'posted' on the red carpet in Venice! - guard

BOCCIATI - Change of clothes for Alessandro Borghi which shows up on the two red carpets first with a floral Persian carpet dress (grade 4) and then with a more classic suit (grade 5 for the little effort). It is not even convincing Jessica Brown Findlay which comes with a dress with a very light train and a pink effect of the madam of honor (grade 5). Vera Gemma chooses a modern country version with a bodice that reveals the generous décolleté. She knows a lot about spaghetti westerns (rating 5.5)

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