Rave of Modena, successful negotiation: the peaceful evacuation has begun

The underground tekno music festival finally comes to an end 24 hours ahead of schedule. The Minister of the Interior announces new rules to combat the phenomenon of illegal gatherings. But the controversy does not subside…

 ++ Rave Party, occupiers begin to leave ++ The negotiation between the police and the occupants of the warehouse in the Modena area Video

The kids who attended the rave in Modena begin to leave a day ahead of schedule. The volume of tekno music in the abandoned shed on the northern outskirts of the city was lowered and the police, who had been asked to clear out the illegal gathering, decisively focused on negotiation and a peaceful solution. The goal was to convince the 'ravers' to leave the party spontaneously, especially since the Witchtek 2022 party would end on Tuesday 1 November and apparently it seems successful. video

Halloween rave party: dancing here (despite eviction) Halloween rave party: dancing here (despite eviction)

THE GOVERNMENT TAKEN THE SCREW - The illegal tekno music festival in Modena, even if it is nearing its conclusion, remains at the center of the political news. The centre-right government announces a crackdown on rave parties. Matteo Piantedosi, the new Minister of the Interior, has already prepared a draft of measures that will serve to give the police forces more effective tools to combat the phenomenon of raves. The goal is to punish the organizers, making it possible to immediately confiscate trucks, vans, amplifiers and musical equipment, and establish the obligation to restore damaged places. The rave in Modena could be the cue to speed up these measures, perhaps through a decree law.

A BATTLE OF THE CENTER RIGHT - The phenomenon of rave parties  has been in the crosshairs of the center right for years, which in the past attacked the former minister Luciana Lamorgese, accused of in practice tolerating the illegal gatherings that were organized in Italy. The most striking case was that of the mega-rave held in August 2021 near Lake Mezzano, in the Viterbo area. The real measure of contrast, however, would be to know in advance where these gatherings will be held, to block access to the participants. Experience has in fact shown that clearing becomes almost impossible when the party, perhaps with thousands of participants, is in progress.

POLITICS PHRASES - In the face of the announcement of the crackdown, there was no shortage of political utterances. Matteo Salvini rejoices: 'Enough of illegal rave parties, bossy criminals, humiliated institutions: now we change!', while criticisms come from the Democratic Party. “I would like to point out to the Minister of the Interior the rave that was held in Predappio, in my opinion by far the most disturbing. Did it comply with current regulations?”, asks Andrea Orlando in reference to the demonstration for the 100th anniversary of the March on Rome held in the birthplace of Benito Mussolini. Meanwhile, the property of the theater shed of the Witchtek rave party, which has been in disuse for years, has reported the illegal occupation to the authorities while the provincial president of Confcommercio of Modena speaks of incalculable damage to the image of the territory and to the activities of the territory and calls for it to be restored soon with the clearing of the area.

Source: oggi.it