Remembrance day, the 11 Italian Jews still alive speak

Of the 6,806 deported to Nazi camps from Italy, only 837 returned. There are just over a dozen left: we went to meet them and they share a fear: 'Who will tell the story of the Holocaust after us?'

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“In 20 years, when none of us will be around anymore, the Holocaust will be a line in the history books and, after that, not even that”. This is the alarm raised by life senator Liliana Segre. A fear that rests on numbers: of the 6,806 Italian Jews deported to Nazi camps, only 837 returned.

Aries in Sanremo: 'I bring my sea of ​​troubles' Aries in Sanremo: 'I bring my sea of ​​troubles'

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 cover-today-luisa-ranieri THE SEED OF MEMORY – Of those, among those who painfully decided to publicly tell that horror, 11 remain: Liliana Segre, Sami Modiano, Edith Bruck, Stella Levi, Diamantina Salonichio, the sisters Andra and Tatiana Bucci, Gilberto Salmoni, Alberto Israel, Goti Bauer, Arianna Szorenyi. The weekly Today , on newsstands tomorrow, spoke to many of the eleven to see if they share the fear of the senator. “I have been testifying for 62 years and have seen thousands of kids. The message has arrived and it won't all be buried after me, after us,” says Edith Bruck, confident that the seed of memory will germinate. Just like Sami Modiano: “Each of us has already left something. As long as God gives me the strength to do it, I will continue to tell, although for me it is a tremendous pain, a sacrifice. But I know that in this way I will leave something to the boys and for this reason I am now the happiest man in the world'. “We are the link with an event, but then there is the study of history and this will remain after us,” says Stella Levi.

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THE SPECIAL ONLINE – From Friday 27 January, the stories and words of the eleven survivors will be available on the Oggi website ( in a special dedicated to Remembrance Day, with testimonials and unpublished content.

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