Renato Zero as never told, from love to politics. Up to faith: 'God exists and I'll tell you where'

“His presence is felt in the eyes of a child, in a mother who gives birth, in the caress of a child to an elderly person, which are the details of a promise that must be kept. God is here”. The exclusive interview

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Renato Zero, with his six concerts at the Circus Maximus, celebrates his first, dazzling 70 years (delayed due to the pandemic). He is as excited as he was on his first day of school. In amazing shape, total black look (including the frame of the glasses) and incomparable gab, he tells Oggi with a rare sincerity – Photo | video

Renato Zero arrives at the hotel headquarters of the Brothers of Italy and blurts out: 'A regime' Renato Zero arrives at the hotel headquarters of the Brothers of Italy and blurts out: 'A regime'

How did you prepare? «My gym is in the brain. There I lift weights, set my memory in motion, organize phone calls and contacts. It will be a very populous stage, there will be many large attendances. I have a playlist that should have belonged to at least five songwriters, so I also did the work for the other four not yet born».

Renato Zero, do you remember when it was like this? – guard

His concerts are between the elections. «On 25 September I want to be re-elected in the Zerofolle Party. Politics often ignore the less visible needs. There is an Italian population that is almost never present in the basic choices. Those who are well continue to be well, those who are ill still succumb. Those who, on the other hand, have frequented my team have always been satisfied, I have given the kids advice that I think are useful, I have helped the elderly to cross a road that is becoming more and more impassable, because we are not always welcomed on the other side of the sidewalk».

Have they ever asked you to apply? 'Many times. But I'm allergic to rhetoric, to certain attitudes that tend to give the idea of ​​salvation and the resolution of problems, and instead only serve to warm up the seat. We even saw ourselves taken away by Draghi who was healthy, very feasible and liked by Europe. It will be an even more serious shortcoming in an emergency like this. I see that even embarrassing figures are candidates. I don't feel like being optimistic, frankly.'

You have reacted to these two and a half years of pandemic with a three-disc musical project. «This pandemic is a state exam, an exceptional hiccup for all of us. In addition to realizing Seventy zero , I felt the need to go and bother the Almighty, by writing Leap of faith , a provocation towards God. I asked myself if He still wants to take an interest in this equestrian circus or if he wants to give up the game definitively».

How do you imagine God? “Yesterday I was driving down the highway in an open car and saw extremely variegated clusters of clouds that I had never noticed in the past. Gray clouds, which turn white, pink, then swell, rise to unimaginable heights, immediately afterwards they descend even threatening and transform into an epochal hail… While this was happening, I thought that God is present in all these elements. Not in the dark and in silence. It's not there. His presence is felt in the eyes of a child, in a mother who gives birth, in the caress of a child to an elderly person, which are the details of a promise that must be kept. God is here.'

Renato Zero, shopping (almost) incognito with a special escort… – guard

In the beginning, who inspired you for your revolutionary image? «An authoritative American journalist and writer, Richard Metzger, wrote that if you want to find out who turned on the glamor bulb, you have to go to Italy and look for a certain Renato Zero. Instead, for some local journalists it was easier to say that I was the Italian David Bowie, because this didn't create the problem for them to go and document. Metzger's testimony gave me great satisfaction. It is true that no one is a prophet at home, though the deck that I made to be Renato Zero I would like to at least be recognized. I don't even want the Cavaliere del Lavoro cross, also because no one offered it to me. I live well without it, tell President Mattarella as well ».

Do you see sparks of zero madness in today's music? «I think that today nudity is the keystone. The more unadorned you are, the more credible the things you intend to represent become, in a moment in which success and followers are obtained with scandals and provocations. If we want to save our credibility we must move towards a necessary nudism. Also because not all those who dress like phenomena are phenomenal. There is so much bluff behind these caricatures. I've always worked to affirm personality: knowing that I have a myriad of doubles doesn't make me very happy».

Renato Zero and that concert (improvised) from the balcony of his house – video

Who does she like? “Diodated. Last. John Caccamo. Brunori Sas… I want to add another name to testify that they are not for a single genre: the Måneskin. I find them formidable. Some say they are a passing phenomenon. It's not true: they are excellent musicians, and rock is a healthy way to make a revolution».

Let's talk about the great women in his life, and let's start with the two Bertè sisters, Loredana and Mimì (Mia Martini). «Mimì is the one I neglected, and I regret it. Loredana was always very present, and this prevented me from dedicating more time to Mimì. It is my regret, but the affection has never been lacking. For example when it came to her candidacy for Sanremo with At least you in the universe I even spent myself physically. I signed a charter which required me to be present in Sanremo for all the days in which Mimì would perform».

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mine. At the last legendary concerts of the summer of 1978 she was there. «We made an operation with the impresario Sergio Bernardini that was born from the pleasure of being together with Mina and I in Bussola tomorrow, obviously each in their own space and on different evenings. But when she had to go on stage, Bernardini called me and said: ' Look, you have to go to Bussola tomorrow because Mina didn't want to go up ”. She always had this fear of the public, not because she didn't love them, but out of a form of shyness. I ended up going there even when I wasn't working, so it's like we toured together. There will never be anyone like her again.'

Raffaella Carrà. “A huge loss. I miss her enthusiasm and her will to do… We were equal in risk, productivity, patience, and also in respect for our collaborators, because Raffaella is someone who has always rewarded those who worked with her ».

You have been a symbol of freedom and courage in years much more closed and complicated than today. «I worked my way up in the big discos of the time. I introduced myself with Nuccio, a sound engineer. We traveled in a six-wheeled van called Orazio. At one point, around 11.30 in the evening, the DJ invited people to clear the floor, and I found myself sitting like an Indian and starting my show, with these not exactly predictable outfits. It often happened that at the beginning someone would make harsh comments aloud. So I ran after this subject, put him in the center of the track and undressed him, selling his clothes in a sort of impromptu raffle. Thus the boys understood that I was not afraid of anyone and that I defended my thinking and my identity at all costs. I represented excess, ambiguity, transgression, all elements that the bourgeoisie and bigoted mentalities don't like, even if we know that behind the double-breasted suit there are often no good people'.

Is she single? “I am constitutionally. I have never felt the need to populate the other square of the bed, but frankly I have loved so much, much more than I could have loved if I had been in company'.