Renato Zero: 'God exists and I know where he is' - exclusive

The singer talks to Today on newsstands. Between comparisons with the Carrà and remorse for Mia Martini, he spares no criticism of the world of music by promoting, only, some striking names


Renato Zero, his Today weekly on newsstands from tomorrow he speaks of God: «He is not in darkness and silence. There is not there. His presence is felt in the eyes of a child, in a mother giving birth, in the caress of a child to an elderly person, which are the extremes of a promise that must be kept. God is here ». Renato Zero is thoughtful and open to the transcendent, but also ready to claim the role of brilliant innovator of him the one interviewed by the weekly Oggi. Photo

The cover of Today on newsstands from tomorrow
 !P!Oggi!IS!0039.2022!N!39 COVER!E!.pdf NEMO PROFETA IN PATRIA… FORSE «An authoritative American journalist and writer, Richard Metzger, wrote that if you want to find out who turned on the bulb of glamor, you have to go to Italy and look for a certain Renato Zero. It was a great satisfaction. It is true that no one is a prophet at home, but I would like the deck that I know made to be at least recognized. I don't even want the Knight of Labor cross, also because no one has offered it to me. I live well even without it, please tell President Mattarella », says the singer on the eve of six Roman concerts at the Circus Maximus with which he celebrates his first 70 years.

SIMILAR TO CARRÀ - And she remembers the days of the apprenticeship when she represented 'excess, ambiguity, transgression', her friend Raffaella Carrà ('We were equal in risk, productivity, patience and respect for our collaborators'), his remorse for Mia Martini ('I neglected her').

THE NECESSARY NUDISM - There is no lack of judgment on today's music: 'I think nudity is the keystone. The more unadorned you are, the more credible the things you intend to represent become, in a moment in which success and followers are obtained with scandals and provocations. If we want to save our credibility we must move towards a necessary nudism. Also because not all those who dress up as phenomena are. There is a lot of bluffing behind these caricatures '.

W I MANESKIN - Zero promotes the Maneskin with full marks ('I find that they are formidable') and expresses appreciation for Diodato, Ultimo, Giovanni Caccamo and Brunori Sas. And of the private of him she says: «I am constitutionally single. I never felt the need to populate the other square of the bed, but frankly I loved so much, much more than I could have loved if I had been in company '.