Riccardo Fabbriconi: 'I'm Blanco, a former pizza chef and I'll explain my success'

He leaves school, unwraps him at X-Factor, delivers pizzas to make videos: how did he become a pop star? In the country they know it and we will tell you about it exclusively

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Who says that the province is not a geographical place but a place of the soul has certainly never been to Calvagese della Riviera: 3,645 souls, two bars, two pizzerias (theoretical, one is closed from 2020) and a golden boy that fills the squares with his songs: Riccardo Fabbriconi, aka Blanco - Photo | video 1 | video 2

The trajectory that projected him from his yellow villa, at the top of the climb outside the town, to the stage of Sanremo and then to the conquest of the squares of Italy should be studied: if only to rediscover, in these times of superabundance, the virtues of lack. How do those who know a lot say? 'Passion develops in absence'. Here in Calvagese of the Riviera of absence there is so much that even the Riviera promised by the name is missing: the Garda is there, but it is 4 kilometers as the crow flies, the villagers explain to you, which become 12 if instead of flying you follow the road. But they also explain to you that they immediately understood that Riccardo, as they call him, had something different. And if everyone had understood it, let alone if he hadn't understood it: he would have stood out, even if at first he might not yet know exactly how. Certainly not as a student, since he never finished high school. But the elementary school teacher, Letizia, remembers it well: 'He never took sides in quarrels, he didn't follow the wave, he was independent and observed everything. If you scolded him he would give you a disarming smile. He already knew he was cute ».

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THE PIZZAIOLO - Fiorenzo, the owner of the pizzeria the devil , the one that Blanco cited several times as a starting point, says: «He wanted to break through. Every penny he earned he used to produce his own videos of him, for music lessons. At the time he was called Blanco Fyrex, and the song he was aiming for was Polaroid '. He hums the refrain 'We are as old as two Polaroid babies ...', then he goes back to memories. 'One day, it must have been the autumn of 2019, but I don't remember well, he arrives at work in a rage. They had rejected it at the X-Factor auditions. With the talent he had already tried but this time he was sure he could do it because he had passed the preselection. He wanted to drop everything, let the music go. I tried to explain to him that at 16 a door in the face was not a drama. Who knows, maybe those words helped. But he also changed genres: he deleted Polaroid and all his other songs from YouTube. The new Blanco was born ».

COUNTRY VOICES - Everyone in the village reveals a piece of the mosaic: the mayor, Simonetta Gabana, has a clear memory of Riccardo (Blanco did not yet exist) protagonist at the party that closed the summer camps organized by the parish: «Someone should have kept the videos. On stage he was unleashed, he was of another category '. Surfing from voice to voice we approach the house where he grew up. Just outside the town there is a cluster of identical terraced houses, intersected by a web of paths. A lady looking out of the window helps us: «Oh yes, the Fabbriconi. I think they left, I saw that the roof rack was mounted on the car. You know, I mind my own business, but I'm an observer of nature. Wait, I'll put on my shoes and accompany you. But he knows that before Sanremo my son told me: “Eh, everyone knows that Riccardo wins the Festival”. But how did they know, is it a mystery or not? Look, I'm one who minds her own business but… ».

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THE DAD ARRIVES - We ring at the door, the father, Giovanni, from Rome, comes to meet us. He met Mama Paola in Rome, where she was away, fell in love with her and followed her to the North. 'Riccardo? He played football, he was also good, I accompanied him to his first audition with Lumezzane, when he was 6 years old. He was the only one with Totti's shirt, they looked at him as if he were an alien. At a certain point, however, he said enough of the ball, and he threw himself into the music ». And you? 'And we,' says Paola, the mother, 'at first we weren't so convinced. Sometimes I even got angry: he spent the nights in the rumpus room writing, rehearsing, shooting videos. Then he ran to Milan, he spent hours looking for contacts on the web. With the lockdown it had become a bomb: energy ready to explode. But he was right. And even if he had been wrong, little would have changed. The times we got angry with him it is because he is a hammer: if he decides something there is no way to change his mind, he will give you no escape. But maybe if he did it, it is precisely because of that '.
In the chorus of voices that describe the uniqueness of this son of Calvagese there is also that of Osvaldo, the owner of the bar in the square: 'Oh, of course I know Blanco. Here in the village there are not many places to go. He asks me if he stood out from the others? And how. I caught him a couple of times that he was hanging on the cues of the table football, at the risk of bending them. I told him: 'Ué ciccio, so he doesn't go' ».
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