Ricky Martin claims twenty million in damages to his nephew who had accused him of sexual abuse (to then retract ...)

Ricky Martin, it's family war. After his nephew has dropped the accusations against him of sexual abuse, the singer does not stop. And he claims damages for lost multimillion dollar contracts

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Ricky Martin opens the family war against his nephew who had precipitated his image in the world due to allegations of sexual harassment. And now, 22-year-old Dennis Yadiel Sanchez is asking for $ 20 million for lost contracts. - Photo | video

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HISTORY - The story emerged last July. Not exactly in the terms that emerged: he had learned of a restraining order against Ricky following a complaint for stalking and domestic violence presented by a person to whom he had been linked for seven months. He immediately called the allegations 'false and disgusting'. Introducing them was their nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, 22-year-old son of half-sister Vanessa. But then on July 20 Dennis had retracted. But the star of Livin 'la vida loca does not accept that the story ends in this way due to the 'reckless and malicious actions' of his nephew 'motivated by the desire to expose him to hatred and contempt on the part of his fans, destroying his reputation . '

Ricky Martin, the domestic violence charge and the judge's restraining order. He defends himself like this - guard

THE DAMAGES - His lawyers argue that these actions resulted in the cancellation of 'multimillion dollar contracts and present and future art projects'. And they are asking for ten million in pecuniary damage and the same amount for damage to reputation.

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