Rihanna sells the Hollywood mega mansion. In the end she succeeded!

The pop star has lowered its claims, settling for 'only' 6.6 million dollars. The house has a huge swimming pool and also a cinema room. The singer, on the other hand, has a passion for real estate. In Los Angeles alone, there are three other luxurious properties known to her

 rihanna-house-hollywood The villa sold by Rihanna. In the box, the 34-year-old singer Photo Video

Despite being very luxurious, Rihanna struggled a little to sell her mansion in the Hollywood Hills. In the end, she succeeded, less than what she had originally requested. The buyer paid 6.6 million dollars, a figure quite close to the 6.8 million that the pop star had to shell out five years ago. - Photo | video

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TEN BATHROOMS - The house, on the other hand, is really beautiful. A dream home: 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms (two service), a huge swimming pool and even the cinema room with a huge screen, as befits extra-luxury homes. A main villa, but also a guest house with its own gym. Another peculiarity, looking at the photos, are the large windows that provide lots of light in a city like Los Angeles where the sun is king almost all year round. Also characteristic is the kitchen with a large marble table in the center. In another common area, we read in the descriptions of the property, «two large sofas are positioned, perfect for spending time in peace; on one side there is also a piano '.

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REAL ESTATE - Rihanna for homes in Los Angeles seems to have a real craze, she buys, sells and even rents all the time. The latest addition to her real estate portfolio was the mansion in the heart of Beverly Hills bought in March last year by screenwriter Darren Starr for $ 13 million and immediately leased for $ 80,000 a month. The Barbadian pop star in the Californian city alone, as far as is known, also has a luxurious apartment and a penthouse in Century City (residential neighborhood) where she now lives, costing $ 5.5 million in a building where, between other services, there is a butler available 24 hours a day.

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