Rishi Sunak, this is who is the new British prime minister richer than King Charles of England

He beat the competition from Boris Johnson, is 42 years old and is the first 'non-white' to hold the position. Indian origins, son of emigrants, with his wife Akshata has assets of 900 million pounds: more than double the sovereign and queen consort Camilla

 Sunak Makes First Visit To Scotland In Tory Leadership Campaign Rishi Sunak, 42, the new British prime minister. He is the first non-white in the history of the country

Britain has a new prime minister. It is Rishi Sunak, 42, born in Southampton, of Indian origin and Hindu faith. His parents emigrated from East Africa. His father Yashvir is a doctor born in Kenya, his mother Usha is a pharmacist from Tanzania. Sunak's rise to the top of the Conservative Party has been dizzying: just three years ago he was an unknown undersecretary, but Boris Johnson chose him as his finance minister (the Chancellor of the Exchequer) and his journey began from there, so much so that having supplanted BoJo in the race for Downing Street, after the brief and unsuccessful experience of Liz Truss.

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AN IMMIGRANT FAMILY - Rishi attended the exclusive Winchester College, a school with 50,000 euros a year tuition. Subsequently, she graduated from the University of Oxford with degrees in philosophy and economics and a master's degree from Stanford, California. A journey as a perfect member of the British establishment. Finally, during his stay in California, the gem of the meeting with his wife Akshata Murthy, an Indian heiress with whom he had two children, which made him one of the richest men in the Kingdom. Not that Sunak had any problems: after his studies he had already made a career in high finance with lucrative positions at Goldman Sachs. Today he is nicknamed 'the Maharaja of Yorkshire' for his luxurious residence with adjoining private lake, swimming pool and tennis court. Her wealth of him is estimated at £900 million: double that of Kings Charles III and Camilla. The new premier is the first non-white to take office and the richest in the history of Downing Street. After the recent collapses of the British economy, due to the contested choices of Truss, he is also one of the most competent of those who could be called upon to resolve the situation. In the meantime, the pound rallied following the announcement of the new arrangements, a sign that the markets have also approved the choice.

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