Roberta Capua godmother of the fight against breast cancer: 'I too do prevention, because... I want to become a grandmother!'

The TV presenter and former Miss Italy is the godmother of the Pink Ribbon campaign of the Airc. And here she explains that she is the first to follow the advice of the Italian Association for Cancer Research


Roberta Capua, TV presenter, model, Miss Italy 1986, has long been testimonial of the Airc Foundation for cancer research. And this year she will be the Italian godmother of the Pink Ribbon campaign, now in its thirtieth year of life. «Thirty years ago I took my first steps in the world of TV and there are many beautiful moments from that period. However, I remember that cancer was never mentioned in the media, a scary word. If today things have changed, I think it is also thanks to Evelyn Lauder who in 1992 created the Pink Ribbon, a truly universal symbol that has helped to keep the attention on breast cancer high. I am proud to be the Italian godmother of the Breast Cancer Campaign.

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Why this choice? 'And I've been involved with the Airc Foundation for some time, but it's the first time I've sponsored this initiative, which deals exclusively with the issue of female cancer, to raise awareness among women on prevention and contribute to research on female cancer. I chose to join this initiative because I strongly believe in the possibility of breast cancer being 100% curable in the not too distant future. The numbers tell us that today the women who survive a tumor reach almost 90% five years after diagnosis. But this result is not enough, we want to treat all women'.

Do you think prevention is important? “Prevention is essential, for us women but not only. It is a duty but towards ourselves and those who love us. We also know how much early diagnosis greatly increases the cure rate. Of course, research is also important in finding cures. That is why it is right to support this initiative. This year I am doubly happy to do so because the message will start from my city, Naples, with the lighting of the Maschio Angioino'.

What are the keywords to defeat tumors? 'Prevention, research and I would add a third factor, lifestyle: no smoking, no alcohol, proper nutrition and physical activity'.

Nutrition: what do you do every day to eat healthily? 'The key word is to vary. We should think about what we put on our plate, taking some time to do it, because quality matters more than quantity. It serves to carefully prepare dishes with fresh and seasonal ingredients. The much reviled cooking programs have taught us to do it, to balance the diet, to know the ingredients of our tradition'.

And in the family, how is it regulated? “We eat a lot of fish at home. My son doesn't love it so much, but I try to offer it to him as soon as I can. And then we often eat avocado. But above all we try to vary the menus often”.

Do you also play sports? “Yes, I do moderate physical activity because my back is a little bad: a little gym, some weights to tone up and a brisk walk every day”.

Nutrition, sport… What about periodic checks? “I do them all, on time: pap test, mammogram, breast ultrasound, occult blood test. I try to check myself on time. I would not forgive myself for being overlooked. I want to live long and live well, I want to see my child become an adult. And I would like to become a grandmother!”

Have you had close experiences of women cured of cancer? “Yes, several. Not in my family, but among friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, however, I remember people who didn't make it and all together we will have to make an effort to ensure that this doesn't happen again'.

Enrico Belloni