Roberta Mastromichele speaks, Matt Dillon's Italian girlfriend: 'Of course I'm jealous'

Dancer and choreographer, she has worked with Ricky Martin and Kylie Minogue, at the Sanremo Festival and on X Factor. And she has a really famous partner. Or rather, a star: «It was love at first sight. She calls me love and loves amatriciana »

  roberta-mastromichele-matt-dillon-today-42 Matt Dillon and Roberta Mastromichele, his all-Italian love Photo

We interviewed Roberta Mastromichele, Matt Dillon's girlfriend. 'It was love at first sight between us. Then we got lost and found each other more than once,” she says. And about jealousy… – Photo

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Roberta, let's start with the doll's room: what brings you to mind?
'So many memories! It was the name of the group I had started in high school with three friends. We made rap music, even a little foul-mouthed. The genre was a novelty in those years. At home, my parents looked at me badly.
Beautiful, polite, elegant, not a hair out of place (in fact, she has just been to the hairdresser), the actress Roberta Mastromichele in 46 years has had many lives and a great love story. She was a dancer (also in the international tours of Ricky Martin, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams), she created choreographies (collaborating with the artistic director Luca Tommassini for over 15 years, in the Claudio Baglioni tours and beyond, for Miss Italy, the Sanremo Festival, X Factor). And now, with her name that she knows of Made in Italy craftsmanship, more than showbiz, she is in the cinema and in the theater. Not to mention that she has conquered Matt Dillon. And yes, in the heart of the American star, she has taken the place of Cameron Diaz. And here we are also talking about her (who was engaged to him for three years and together they starred in There's Something About Mary).

From October 27 is in theaters with Tonight tell me about Africa , film premiered at the Rome Film Fest…
«It is the story of Emma, ​​a lawyer in crisis who leaves Puglia and goes to Africa. The story of an escape is intertwined with the search for a new personal balance in a wonderful and complex land, between the fight against poaching, friendship and the freedom to love, even beyond an arranged marriage».

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It is in theater in Rome in Up or down ? with Danilo De Santis, who is also an author and director.
«It's a brilliant comedy, full of sentimental entanglements, between ex-boyfriends, new romances, first dates. We are on stage until the end of the month, then the show, produced by the Teatro Stabile d'Abruzzo, goes on tour. And next year I will be on stage with two other performances: From which stars we have fallen and our Padel ».

Meanwhile, where is Matt?
“He's in Greece, on the set of Haunted Heart by Fernando Trueba. I was there a few days ago. And he was in Rome last month. We live between Italy and New York. However, my shows see them all.

Matt loves to paint, has he painted you many times?
'It happened often, at my mother's house, by the sea'.

Matt's film that you love the most?
«More than one: Gus Van Sant's Drugstore Cowboy, Lars von Trier's Jack's house and then City of Ghosts which he also directed and is set in a land that united us (referring to Cambodia, a country where she and Matt they were on vacation at the beginning of their love story, ed)».

How did you fall in love?
«We met in Rome, in a club, in 1999, thanks to a mutual friend, the director Giovanni Veronesi. Yes, it was love at first sight. But then we drifted apart and found each other again. We were together from 2003 to 2005, when we lost each other again and reconnected in 2014».

And now are you ready for yes?
“Everyone thinks we're married. But we're fine like this. Marriage would change little between us.'

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What struck you about Matt, the charm of the international star?
Of course, her beauty was striking. But he conquered me with his energy, his curiosity, the desire to understand the world around him ».

When you're apart, is she jealous? Maybe even Cameron Diaz…
«If I let these thoughts come to me, I no longer live. Of course, a little jealousy takes me from time to time. Let's just say I'm alert.'

In the past, when you broke up, did it happen after movie jealousy scenes?
«But no, between us there are no such excessive jealousies. However, even when we broke up in the past, every time we saw each other the sense of belonging between us was always strong».

What are the Italian words that Matt uses the most?
'He calls me love. And then he loves amatriciana».