Rocio Munoz Morales, the godmother of Venice and her marriage to Raoul Bova: 'I want it, but on one condition'

It is making its debut in the Lagoon. Topical moment in his career. Just as at the top is her relationship with the actor, with whom she has been a partner for years (and they also have two daughters). She now confirms that she wants to marry him. Provided that ...

 rocio-munoz-morales-arriva-venezia Rocio Munoz Morales, the godmother of the 79th edition of the Venezia Cinema Festival Photo Video

A fundamental week begins for Rocio Munoz Morales: she is the godmother of the 79th edition of the Venice International Film Festival, the figure called to lead the first and last evening of the festival. On this occasion, she returns to talk about herself and her relationship with her partner Raoul Bova. And she reveals her great desire for marriage - Photo | video

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THE GODMOTHER OF THE FESTIVAL - Actress, presenter and former naturalized Italian model, as well as Raoul Bova's partner, Rocio from 31 August to 10 September is engaged at the Lido as a godmother. You will therefore have to represent the Biennale di Cinema in official events, show yourself on the red carpets and give speeches during the opening and closing evenings. A role that she defines as 'difficult, it is a goal and a starting point, I feel the responsibility, I will be the voice and the face of those who have been working at the exhibition for months, it takes the attributes'. She prepared her speech and then read it to Bova himself: 'At the umpteenth time she told me beautiful but I can't stand it anymore,' she tells Corriere della Sera.

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SPECIAL POCKETS - During the holidays in Roccella Jonica, a place dear to his partner because it was the place where he spent his holidays as a child with his father, the couple found themselves participating in the wedding of strangers. A funny situation that Rocio tells Corriere this way: “The girls had expressed the desire to dance. Raoul is more shy, he gets scared, he values ​​everything, I am lighter and more drastic, he calls me a warrior. The fact is that in the hotel we hear some music, we come out in a super Calabrian wedding and all four of us dance tuca tuca by Raffaella Carrà. When they recognized us, the guests started screaming, they chased us to take pictures and we had to run away '.

Raoul Bova and Rocio Munoz Morales, the holidays with Alberto Matano and her husband Riccardo Mannino cancel the crisis - guard

WEDDING WEDDING - Together since 2011, the beginning of the relationship with Raoul was not easy for Rocio. As she has already said in other interviews, they gave her a 'registered letter', that she had chosen 'the separated man, famous and with money', but now for her it is a thing of the past, just as the rumors of crisis that accompanied it seem to be. the couple over the past few months. And from this love story two daughters were born: Luna 6 years old, Alma 3. And when asked if there is an air of marriage between the two, she replies sharply: 'I'm a traditionalist, Raoul has to ask me. I will never ask him ”.