Rockets in the night over a village near Kherson. Zelensky: 'We will also liberate Donbass and Crimea'

The Ukrainian leader relaunches and wants to reconquer Crimea, annexed to the Kremlin in 2014. In Kherson, the Russians damaged the dam and blew up the electricity system. Putin's ideologue backtracks: 'No one has turned their backs on him'. But discontent in Moscow is growing…

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Volodymyr Zelensky raises. And after the liberation of Kherson and the reconquest at the gates of Mykolaiv, he raises the bar: 'We will liberate the Donbass and the Crimea'. During the night some rockets hit a village near Kherson, where the dam was damaged and where there is no more electricity, after the Russians, in their retreat, blew up the entire electricity system. The critical post by Aleksandr Dugin disappears and the Kremlin leader's ideologue reverses: 'Nobody has turned their backs on Putin'. But Vladimir Solovyov, one of the most powerful megaphones of Moscow's propaganda, does not hide his discontent: 'We need a bigger army, capable of supporting an all-out war in Europe'. And now the foreign minister of Kiev Kuleba does not rule out a meeting with Sergej Lavrov, his Russian counterpart. - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video4

Kherson returns to Ukraine, the cheering crowd welcomes the soldiers Kherson returns to Ukraine, the cheering crowd welcomes the soldiers

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DOPO KHERSON - In the most difficult moment for Vladimir Putin, Zelensky raises the bar and aims to free not only Donbass, but also Crimea, annexed to Russia since 2014: “Let's not forget anyone, we will leave no one behind. – He says on Telegram – It will be the same in Henicesk and Melitopol. We will come to all our cities and villages of Donbass. We will definitely see Ukrainian forces meeting Ukrainian flags in Crimea, which they hold there, and there will be hundreds of them in the streets on liberation day. I thank all those who fight and work for the victory of Ukraine! Thanks to everyone around the world who helps us!” However, the situation in Kherson is dramatic. In their escape, the Russians not only blew up seven bridges, but seriously damaged the Nova Kakhovka dam, which was also used to cross the river. And, as if that weren't enough, they destroyed 'the entire electricity system' as the Ukrainian operator Dtek says. It will take a month to restore the grid, on the eve of a winter that, in those latitudes, never gets off the ground. The pro-Russian administration annexed to Moscow in September moved the new administrative capital of the region to the town of Genechesk, on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov. Vladyslav Seleznyo, spokesman for the Ukrainian General Staff, already knows that the blow to the Kremlin will not be without consequences: “The Russian occupiers will not give us peace and Kherson will have to face the fate of the regions on the front line. We shall have to expect a massive rocket and artillery attack launched by the Moscow forces passed on the left bank of the Dnipro River”. And in the night, in fact, Grad rockets hit the nearby village of Hornostaivka, killing two women. The Ukrainian governor Yaroslav Yanhushevych denounces: 'With these methods the Russians are trying to put pressure on the residents of Hornostaivka in a so-called 'evacuation'. The Russian soldiers themselves are forced to hide in cellars with the residents.'

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MOSCOW'S LUMOR - British intelligence writes on Twitter: 'The withdrawal is an official recognition of the difficulties encountered by Russian forces on the western bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson'. In the London 007 report we read that “it is realistically possible that military vehicles and Russian forces in civilian clothes have been evacuated together with the 80,000 civilians declared in recent weeks. The withdrawal process is likely to have started as early as October 22, 2022, when Russian-installed leaders in Kherson urged civilians to leave the city. In any case, the withdrawal constitutes 'significant reputational damage' for Moscow. And there is no doubt that discontent in Moscow is growing. A post by Aleksandr Dugin, the philosopher considered Putin's ideologue and who lost a daughter in an attack during the conflict, harshly attacked the Kremlin leader. But it was canceled after a short time, as noted by the Mirror . But it is not the only disappointed voice in the upper floors. Vladimir Solovyov, one of the main megaphones of Russian propaganda, says on TV that 'Russia needs a bigger army capable of supporting an all-out war in Europe'.

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SQUARE AROUND PUTIN - But, after the defeat, they are still trying to rally around Putin. The first to expose himself, as always, is the former Russian president, Dmitri Medvedev, with the now customary threats: “Moscow will continue to take back Russian territories and for obvious reasons it has not yet used its entire arsenal of possible weapons of destruction. This is not only because of our human kindness, but everything has its time. We remember that we are trying to save the lives of our military and civilians as much as possible while our enemies are not. And herein lies our great moral difference with them”. Then, Dugin also backtracks on Telegram: “The West is starting to broadcast the fiction that Russian patriots and I turned against Putin after the surrender of Kherson and that we are presumably calling for his overthrow. This comes from nowhere and is based on a message from me which I allegedly deleted. Of course, no one will believe it, but just in case: no one has turned away from Putin, I and all Russian patriots support him unconditionally.' And again: “Grief at the loss of Kherson is one thing, the attitude towards the commander-in-chief is another. We are loyal to Putin and support Russia's special military operation to the end.' Meanwhile, Moscow prohibits traffic in the Kerch Strait to all ships that have not been loaded in Russia.

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POSSIBLE NEGOTIATIONS? - Dmytro Kuleba, Ukrainian foreign minister, now does not rule out meeting his counterpart in the Kremlin Sergej Lavrov, in the case of a negotiation proposal put forward by Moscow: “Lavrov did not ask for a meeting, as is customary in diplomacy. If he does, we will carefully consider his request, taking into account all aspects and realities of the current situation.” An opening to dialogue 'without preconditions' had already been made by the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Serghei Ryabkov, but so far Zelensky had placed a 'veto', saying he was ready to deal only with the next tenant of the Kremlin. A hypothesis, at the time, rather remote and one that was not even liked in Washington. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met Kuleba yesterday. At the end of the face-to-face meeting, US spokesman Ned Price made a point of clarifying 'the unwavering commitment of the United States to assist Ukraine in mitigating the effects of Russia's continued attacks on critical infrastructure, including with accelerated humanitarian aid and wintering'. And above all that 'the timing and content of any negotiating framework remain a decision of Ukraine'.

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