Roger Federer retires: 'My body has sent me clear messages, it's time to stop'

The Swiss champion announces his farewell to tennis on Instagram. At 41 and after more than 1,500 games. Fans are desperate (including Hugh Jackman)

 federer-withdrawal Roger Federer leaves tennis. And he will enjoy life (too) in his mega penthouse in Dubai Photo

Roger Federer retires. And even in this difficult decision, he shows all the elegance of him. The announcement arrives on Instagram, where he posted a letter on letterhead (RF). The date is: Switzerland, September 15th. The recipient? His tennis family, but not only. Roger takes it away. He begins like this: “Of all the gifts that tennis has given me, the greatest was undoubtedly the people I met on my way: my friends, my rivals, but above all the fans. I want to share some news with all of you ”. - Photo | video

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LA MAZZATA - And then comes the blow, because the most elegant tennis player in history - you could say 'the strongest', but it is the subject of debate - says: 'I know the limits of my body, and his message in recent times has been clear'. Then, a shower of numbers: 'I am 41 years old, I have played more than 1,500 games in 24 years'. Finally, the news that the fans never wanted to hear, but basically expected, after the last three years full of injuries and surgeries: 'Tennis has treated me more generously than I ever dreamed, and now I have to recognize when it's time to end my career ”.

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THE LAST TOURNAMENT - And then the last lines: 'Next week's Laver Cup, in London ( will be played from 23 to 25 September , ed), it will be my last tournament. For sure I will still play a lot of tennis, but not Grand Slam tournaments ”. The first colleague to react, 9 minutes later and with two hearts, was compatriot Stan Wawrinka (the ATP, the tennis association, instead had an almost instant heart: probably she had been informed by the Swiss champion). Curiosity: Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, 19 minutes after the announcement, greeted him like this, again on Instagram: 'You have left your indelible and incomparable mark on tennis. Thank you, with love '