Romantic Israel competition rules

This competition is organized for the purpose of making Israel a romantic travel destination known to the public. Participation in the competition will be completely free and no act of purchase of products or subscription to services will be required.

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RCS Mediagroup SpA, with registered office in via Rizzoli 8 - 20132 Milan (hereinafter: 'the Promoter')

Delegated subject

Clipper Srl based in Milan, Viale Caterina da Forlì 32 (hereinafter: 'Delegate')

Competition with prizes called 'Romantic Israel' (hereinafter: 'Competition').

Entire Italian territory

The prize competition will take place from 21 December 2022 until 23.59',59'' on 22 January 2023 (deadline for uploading content).
The jury selection is expected by February 20, 2023.

The initiative will be aimed at adult Internet users and residents domiciled in Italy (hereinafter 'Participants'). All employees of the promoter and its subsidiaries are excluded from participating in the Competition. Furthermore, all third parties and their employees who have collaborated in any way in the realization of the competition are excluded.

Users who try to register with one of the providers present at this link will not be accepted as valid and will not be able to register:

This competition is organized for the purpose of making Israel a romantic travel destination known to the public. Participation in the competition will be completely free and no act of purchase of products or subscription to services will be required.

Participation in the Competition will take place through the appropriate page on the site at the connection cost established by the personal tariff plan agreed with your provider (the Promoter does not carry out the Internet provider activity and does not derive any benefit from the connection to the Internet).
The servers on which the data of participation in the Competition will be recorded are located in Italy.

The contest will be advertised on and on the Promoter's social pages.
The complete rules of the competition will be available on the website
The promoter company reserves the right, if necessary, to adopt further forms of advertising, in compliance with and in accordance with the provisions of Presidential Decree 430/2001 regarding prize events. Advertising carried out for the purpose of communicating the event will be consistent with this regulation.

It will be possible to participate in the contest “Romantic Israel” through the appropriate page on the site in the manner described below.

To take part in the competition, Participants must:
a) Log in to the site and upload a contribution from a computer or smartphone consisting of a photograph or a graphic work (hereinafter 'Contribution) which represents, for the Participant, the idea of ​​romanticism linked to the destination Israel. The technical characteristics of the Contributions to be uploaded, as well as the procedures for uploading them, will be specified in detail in the dedicated space on the site.

It should be noted that 1) it will not be permitted to send Contributions containing photomontages or retouched/processed photographs; 2) the same participant (the recognition will take place through the data entered during registration) will be able to upload more than one Contribution

b) Fill in the registration form with your mandatory personal data before uploading the contribution. It should be noted that users will have only one opportunity to register: no more than one registration per user will be accepted. The recognition will take place through the data entered during registration. No more than one participant can be associated with the same e-mail address. The promoting company reserves the right to verify the data indicated in the registration form by the winners and request, before validating the winnings, a copy of an identity document showing the data . Inactive e-mail addresses will automatically be excluded from the contest.

For subsequent accesses to the first, it will be sufficient to log in by entering the email and password indicated at the time of registration;

c) accept these Regulations and its conditions (including the authorization to publish and use the images sent for participation in the competition in the spaces and in the ways that the Promoting Company deems appropriate and the declaration of being of age and of being the author of the Submission ) according to the methods and information available on the participation site. Images of minors will not be accepted. Failure to provide the requested authorizations will make it impossible to take part in this competition.

It will also be required to read the information on the processing of personal data and to have consented to the processing, where required.

Furthermore, consent or otherwise to transfer one's data to third parties will be requested (by typing YES or NO). It should be noted that: Consent to the transfer of personal data to third parties for purposes not directly connected to the Competition is optional; any refusal, typing NO, does not affect the chances of winning.

Contributions must be sent between 21 December 2022 and until 23.59',59'' on 22 January 2023. Any Contributions sent after the aforementioned deadlines will not be considered valid for the purpose of participating in this competition.

The Contributions sent for this competition must be new, original and unpublished, will not be taken into consideration, for the purpose of participating in the competition, contributions that are not new and/or original, not unpublished and, in general, that are not in line with what foreseen by this competition and contrary to public morality. Multiple entries with the same Contribution and not in line with these regulations will not be accepted.

Furthermore, each Contribution will be uniquely matched to a single Participant: if the same Contribution is sent by different Participants, it will automatically be attributed to the first participant who sent it.

All Contributions sent will be preliminarily screened by a commission which reserves the right to eliminate and not consider valid for the purposes of participation in the Competition, those that do not comply with the following technical and/or content requirements.

As an example:

- Contributions not pertinent to the proposed theme;

- Contributions clearly not the work of the Participant;

- Contributions having an obscene, vulgar, offensive, abusive, discriminatory content or which are contrary to public morality and morality;

- Contributions that refer, in full or even only partially, to trademarks and/or names and/or other intellectual or industrial property rights, owned by third parties except those of the associated company;

- Contributions sent by underage Participants;

-Contributions that contain images of clearly minor subjects

- Contributions not in line with the provisions of this regulation.

This method is adopted to avoid publishing on the initiative's dissemination channels and to have Contributions that do not comply with the intentions of the Promoting company participate in the same.

The discarded Contributions will in any case remain available for any subsequent checks.

All the remaining contributions will take part in the envisaged selection (based on the number of contributions received, a pre-selection may be envisaged to be agreed with the competent Public Official).

By 20 February 2023, in Milan, at the headquarters of the Promoter or at another location to be agreed upon, the jury will meet in the presence of an Official of the local Chamber of Commerce and a Notary of the local College of Notaries.

The jury will select anonymously, as far as possible, n. 3 Contributions, whose authors will win the prizes in order of classification, as well as further n. 6 Reserve contributions, whose authors will take over in case of irregularities or unavailability of the original winners.

The jury will be composed of a minimum of n. 3 members of Oggi's editorial team and will evaluate, at its unquestionable judgement, the Contributions that have best interpreted the concept of romanticism in Israel. In particular, the following criteria will be considered:

  • originality of the content
  • sympathy
  • ability to express the proposed theme

1st place: the winner is awarded n. 2 return flight tickets (winner + companion) with the EL AL airline departing from Rome or Milan and destination Tel Aviv in the Flex Fare rate with 23 kg checked baggage.

Tickets valid for use by December 2023, compatibly with flight availability at the time of booking. However, the following periods are excluded: from 01/04/2023 – to 15/04/2023 and from 10/09/2023 to 10/10/2023 for Jewish holidays.

The indicative value of the prize at the date of drafting of these regulations amounts to € 1,200.00 VAT exempt.

The following are excluded: transfers in Italy to and from the place of residence and the airport of departure/arrival and anything not expressly indicated. The winner and the companion must be in compliance with the documents for expatriation accepted in Israel (passport and/or any visas/permits, based on the different nationalities) and must also be in possession of the necessary medical certification which may be required to travel (by way of example only: vaccination certificate, Covid Test or other documentation that may be expected on the date of travel): in the absence of the aforementioned documentation or if the documentation is incomplete or incorrect, the winner will lose the right to the prize and no compensation will be due.

2nd place: the winner is awarded n. 1 Beauty Kit in box of products originating in Israel consisting of: n. 2 shampoo packs, n. 2 packs of shower salts, n. 1 face cream, no. 1 body cream, no. 1 pack of 6 masks. The commercial value of the prize at the date of drafting of these regulations amounts to € 250.00 including VAT.

3rd place: the winner is awarded n. 1 Israel 'Surprise' kit of products originating in Israel consisting of n. 6 bottles of white wines, n. 6 bottles of red wine, n. 6 bottles of rosé wines, n. 6 bottles of beer and snacks. The commercial value of the prize at the drafting date of these regulations amounts to € 200.00 including VAT.

The overall indicative jackpot amounts to €1,650.00 including VAT where present.
Pursuant to current legislation on prize events, a deposit equal to 100% of the total prize money has been forwarded to the competent Ministry.

All operations will take place in accordance with current legislation.
All Participants in the competition are required to accept these Regulations.

Winners will be personally notified of the winnings by email to the address indicated during registration and must respond within 7 calendar days of winning notification by accepting the prize in the manner indicated in the win notice itself.

The winners will be considered untraceable if they do not respond to the winning notification e-mail, accepting the prize, within 7 calendar days of sending it, in this case the reserves will take over in order of selection.

For the reservations, the same methods of notification of winnings and response times will be used as for the winners.

The Promoter and the company in charge of winnings management assume no responsibility for the non-receipt by the winner of the winning notification e-mail due to the Participant's inaction or for reasons relating to the correct functioning of his e-mail, such as, for by way of example and not exhaustive:

  • the participant does not consult his e-mail box in time for the acceptance of the prize;
  • the mailbox risulti piena;
  • the e-mail address indicated during registration is incorrect, incomplete or non-existent;
  • there is no response from the host computer after the win notification email is sent;
  • the mailbox is disabled;
  • the e-mail indicated during registration is inserted in a black-list;
  • email automatically archived by the user's mail provider in the spam box and therefore not made visible to the user, also as a result of the user's or provider's settings.

The winner cannot dispute the prize awarded, nor request the corresponding value in cash or exchange/substitution, for any reason. However, in the event that the Promoting Company, for reasons beyond its control, is unable to deliver the prize won, it reserves the right to replace the announced prize with another of similar or similar value.

The prizes will be made available within the maximum term of 180 days from the verbalization and, in any case, in good time to use them.

The Promoting Company does not act as an Internet Provider and does not derive any financial benefit from connections to the website dedicated to the competition. The cost of connection is charged to the consumer, based on their tariff plan.

The Promoting Company assumes no responsibility for access problems, impediments, malfunctions or difficulties concerning servers, technical tools, computers, telephone lines, cables, electronics, software and hardware, transmission and connection that may prevent an entrant from entering the contest; also assumes no responsibility for problems caused by the configuration of the computer and the method of connection to the user's Internet network which could affect the quality of participation.

Participants will be required to comply with the provisions contained in these Regulations: the Promoting Company reserves the right to verify the regularity of the registrations and to cancel those which, after these checks, are found to be irregular, false or contrary to the spirit of the competition.

By participating in this Contest, you represent and warrant:

- that each Contribution uploaded by the same to the competition website does not contain material in violation of rights, positions or claims of third parties, patrimonial or personal, (with reference to law n. 633 of 1941, Legislative Decree 196 of 2003 and the other applicable laws or regulations);

- to be aware that the responsibility, including criminal liability, for the content of each Contribution lies with the user who uploaded it to the competition website.

The user agrees to hold the Promoting Company and third party assignees harmless from any claim, demand or legal action advanced by third parties (including reasonable legal fees) and connected or deriving from the use of each Contribution uploaded by the same on the website of the competition or the rights granted under these Terms of Participation and the violation of the representations and warranties made.

The user declares to be aware that participation in this Competition does not in itself give the right to any compensation.

By uploading his or her Contribution to the competition website, the user:

- renounces any right on the same and will not be able to make economic requests for any future use. The Contribution must be free from copyright.

- authorizes the Promoting Company to publish the Contribution on the initiative's website and to make it available to the public even after the final term of this Competition.

- declares to be the author, to have the rights to use it, to be responsible for the content and to assume all responsibility in the event of civil or criminal actions.

- declares to be aware and to accept that the Contribution uploaded for the purpose of participating in the competition may be used and disseminated on the site or on other spaces that the Promoter deems appropriate and to be aware that the aforementioned Contribution will therefore be indiscriminately accessible to the public also through social channels.

- declares to transfer as in fact transfers to the Promoting Company, without time limitations, any and all rights of use and economic exploitation, including, but not limited to, the rights of reproduction, execution and representation to the public, preparation of derivative works, communication to the public, making available to the public, distribution, translation, rental and loan, in any form and by any means, currently or in the future available, with the option of transferring them to third parties.

The Promoting Company will also have the right to destroy the material received from the Participants once the competition has ended without the latter being able to claim compensation or compensation in any way.

Prizes not awarded will be donated to the Francesca Rava Foundation – N.P.H. Italy ONLUS – Viale Premuda 38/a – 20129 Milan.

The Promoter, as independent data controller, undertakes to comply with the rules and obligations imposed by current legislation on the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions and Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

RCS Mediagroup SpA declares to waive the right to reclaim the withholding tax in favor of the winner pursuant to article 30 of Presidential Decree 600/73.

Win the emotions of #IsraelRomantic

Your romantic dream: tell it with a photo and win a trip to discover Israel. by participating in the competition that can make you fly to a land that can give sweet and unexpected experiences. Participating is very simple, just visit the site and follow the instructions. You have time from 21 December 2022 to 22 January 2023.