Rome, shoot at the condominium meeting. He killed three women

The man entered the hall where the assembly was taking place with a pistol: four other people were injured. For some time he had been at odds with the other owners of a complex of houses in Rietino. He didn't want to pay the costs and had already been reported for threats

 you will trust The place where the massacre took place in Fidene, Rome Video

Morning of terror in Fidene, a north-eastern suburb of Rome in the Colle Salario area, with three women killed. A man broke into a bar in via Monte Giberto shooting wildly at people participating in a condominium meeting. The three women – Sabina Sperandio (71 years old), Elisabetta Silenzi (55) and Nicoletta Golisano (50) – fell under gunshots without even having time to notice it. Other people, two men and a woman, were injured and transported in red code to Roman hospitals. The woman is in serious condition. – video

Rome, shooting for a condominium dispute: three women dead Rome, shooting for a condominium dispute: three women dead

'I KILL YOU ALL' - The man who fired was tracked down and immobilized by the carabinieri who intervened on the spot. His name is Claudio Campiti and he is 57 years old. According to the reconstructions, the dispute began during a condominium meeting of the 'Valleverde' consortium: two hundred small villas, almost all second homes on Lake Turano (Rieti). The meeting was held in the hall of the 'Il posto posto' bar, rented for the occasion since most of the condominiums are from Rome. Campiti showed up in the bar shouting 'mafiosi, I'll kill you all'. Fortunately, after the first bullets exploded, the weapon seems to have jammed and he was immobilized thanks to the courage of some present, in particular thanks to Silvio Paganini, a 67-year-old employee, who was then hospitalized at the Gemelli polyclinic. Campiti had already had disagreements in the past: he did not want to pay the expenses of the consortium and had received several complaints for both physical and verbal threats, the latter brought through a blog that he had created. The man had progressively changed his behavior, becoming more and more irascible after the death of his 14-year-old son in a snow accident. Two of the victims are the president and the secretary of the consortium. The gun Campiti fired with was illegally held, stolen from a shooting range a few hours earlier. Some present were struck by illness, after witnessing what happened without being able to intervene.