Romina jr and the director Stefano Rastelli, it's love! Already presented to dad Al Bano and mom Romina

A new couple is born. Which was 'formed' on his Instagram profile, in front of less than a thousand followers (even if a clue was released last June). For Carrisi a great joy. Which makes up for a small disappointment ...

 romina-carrisi-stafano-rastelli-1920 Romina jr and the director Stefano Rastelli, it's love. The photos Photo Video

Romina jr and Stefano Rastelli, a new couple is born. The revelation is made by him (more muted): the Instagram profile of the director of Today is another day , the program conducted by Serena Bortone who served as the backdrop to the love story (the daughter of Al Bano and Romina also worked for the Rai program), does not reach a thousand followers and is right there, in front of a rather thin audience, that the couple has 'formed'. The age difference is remarkable: Rastelli is 17 years older than Romina, but the personal details, as is right, count for nothing. - Photo | video

Romina Carrisi, daughter of Al Bano and Romina Power, speaks: 'Peace is really back between my parents ...

A PHOTO SAYS IT ALL - Rastelli, who is the father of two daughters (beloved and omnipresent on his social networks), has published a photo of them in Peynet's sweetheart version: sitting on a bench, with her resting her legs on his and giving a face to the I photograph. In support, only a heart. In reality, the two had come out with a hug in favor of the camera last June, during the very cheerful party for Romina's 35th birthday. In which both Al Bano and Romina had participated: that is to say, Stefano already knows his 'in-laws'.

Romina Carrisi leaves her boyfriend via email and changes her look - guard

DISAPPOINTMENT - But what glitters is not all love, for Romina there is also a disappointment: the rejection a dancing with the Stars it burns a lot. “Was I upset? Certainly. But I learned to accept 'no' with extreme elegance ', she wrote in an Instagram story. Also revealing the official reason with which she was 'crossed out': 'I did a reality show in 2005 (The Island of the Famous, in Join Father Al Bano , ed). I'm sorry that a decision taken with the recklessness of my 18 years can still burn at 35. I can only appreciate their consistency and wish them the best ', closed Romina, not without elegance. In short, unlucky in the game, lucky in love.

Al Bano and Romina are grandparents again! She was born Rio Ines, the third daughter of Cristel Carrisi and Davor Luksic - guard