Romina Power, the revelation: 'I can't walk anymore'. Here's how she really is

Al Bano's ex-wife talks about her health problem, complete with crutches behind her. Which forces her to absolute rest. And fans are apprehensive

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Romina Power, surprise revelation: 'I have to admit that I really can't walk', is what the actress let her fans know in a video on Instagram. She added: 'Unfortunately my body in this period is giving me a hard time and unfortunately it doesn't make me as agile as I would like'. A problem that prevented her from participating in a spiritual evening in Lecce at the Castromediano Museum - Photo | video

Romina Power, the revelation: 'I can't walk' Romina Power, the revelation: 'I can't walk'

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A KNEE SURGERY BUT… - Of course, the fans were very worried, also because Power has been battling a difficult leg problem for years that caused her a lot of pain. To the point that in 2019 she underwent surgery. But not even the operation had solved her problems. On Instagram she had then tried to reassure the fans: 'It will pass, I'm sorry'.

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A HEARTLESS MESSAGE - Romina also said, looking at her legs hidden by a table where she was sitting. “Physically I am not there, but with my spiritual, mental and astral body I am”. Otherwise, she looked beautiful in a scarf reminiscent of India.

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A PASSION THE EAST – Al Bano's ex-wife, who often hits the headlines for her (alleged or real) rivalry with Al Bano's current wife Loredana Lecciso, has been following Eastern philosophies for some time. A love that allowed her to face the dramatic loss of her daughter Ylenia Carrisi.

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