Roof on gas prices, the EU postpones to October. Liz Truss, on the other hand, has solved the problem of the bills

The countries of Europe are hesitating on the price cap and postponing everything to next month. Three days after the beginning of the mandate, the British premier instead put on the plate 150 billion pounds to cover

 gas The cost of gas is now skyrocketing. But the EU does not agree on the path to follow Photo Video

Price cap still on the high seas. The EU energy ministers do not reach an agreement and it seems that everything will be postponed to next October. Too many interests and fears on the table. Liz Truss, prime minister for only three days, has already solved the problem in Great Britain by putting a cap on consumer bills and allocating 150 billion pounds. - Photo | video

Putin’s wrath: “With the price cap we will no longer deliver anything to the EU. May Europe return to itself '. The reply: 'Enough blackmail' - guard

THE POSITIONS - Italy, which proposed the price cap to gas, will at the same time try to stop the dizzying increase in bills with a total dowry of 12-13 billion, after the tax on the extra-profits of the energy companies has proved in part fallacious, causing the government to face lower revenues and an avalanche of appeals. In the EU, the first to hesitate on the price cap is obviously the Netherlands: 'In principle we are very hesitant about the price cap for gas with third countries' they say. And it is not difficult to understand why: it is in Amsterdam that the Ttf, the European market of reference for gas exchanges, is based and the exponential increase in prices has earned the treasury tens of billions more. But the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania are also hesitant, as they fear Moscow's reaction. On the other hand, speaking from Vladivostok, Vladimir Putin did not mince words, explaining that in the event of a gas price cap 'we will not deliver anything if it is contrary to our interests, in this case economic. Neither gas, nor oil, nor coal. Anything.' Yet, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen seemed determined not to accept 'blackmail' and she had declared: 'Right now we just have to protect ourselves, strengthen our position.' It seemed that the indecision was due only to the type of choice: price cap to Russian gas only or to everything else. On the other hand, no leaf moves. At least on the Continent.

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THE GREAT BRITAIN - Outside the EU it goes very differently. Great Britain does not have the problem of the EU, and in particular of Italy and Germany: even before the conflict it depended only 4% on gas from the Kremlin. But Liz Truss, premier since 6 September, in the face of energy price increases, immediately adopted strong ways, excluding a tax on extra-profits, but allocating 150 billion pounds to reduce inflation by five points and to set a maximum consumer bills at £ 2,500 a year for two years, thus stopping the projected October price hike of 80% from the start: 'Now is the time to be bold,' he said.