RTL: Chris Tall embarrasses himself as a 'Take Me Out' replacement

  Chris Tall temporarily takes over the moderation of"Take me Out".  Chris Tall is temporarily hosting 'Take me Out'. rtl/frank dicks

The first of three 'Take Me Out' summer specials aired on Wednesday. Normally, Jan Köppen helps to pair the participating singles together, but the 39-year-old was unable to record this year's XXL editions due to corona disease. Presenter and comedian Chris Tall stepped in for him. But apparently the man from Hamburg didn't read through the rules of the show in sufficient detail before his assignment, because on his debut he made a serious mistake.

Moderator Chris Tall messes up the first round of buzzers

The process of 'Take Me Out' is basically very simple: In three rounds, single single men try to convince 30 single women in order to then get a date with one of them. the Women can decide in three rounds whether they like the man or not. If they don't like it, the women press a buzzer and signal that they are not available for a date.

The first decision is made by the women when the men are presented – but Chris Tall obviously didn't have that on his radar.

After the first candidate Khan introduced himself, Chris already announced the first video. But the candidates and the production drew the substitute presenter's attention to the fact that something important was still missing: the buzzer round after the first impression. Chris then seemed visibly irritated and asked in astonishment:

'Huh? Oh... They can already buzz?'
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However, Chris could not get much out of the course of the show. 'What? That's totally mean' , was another comment he made after it was corrected. But it shouldn't be the only correction. The comedian received repeated instructions over the course of the evening.

'Take Me Out' fans miss Ralf Schmitz

on Twitter Of course, Chris Tall's faux pas did not go uncommented. “If the candidates have to briefly explain the program live to the presenter again” , said one user ironically, among other things. Other viewers didn't take issue with the error, but generally criticized Chris' moderation style. 'The moderation isn't that good at all' and 'I believe that the level remains very clear today' were two examples in this context.

Also, many wished the show's first host back. One person judged:

'Without Ralf Schmitz, 'Take Me Out' is only half as good.'

The comedian hosted the dating show between 2013 and 2021. Schmitz switched from RTL to Sat.1 last year and leads there through the improv comedy show 'Half Board with Schmitz' and through the dome formats 'Couple Love' and 'Full Shot'.

Source: watson.de