RTL presenter Lola Weippert answers a spicy bra question

  Lola Weippert wears bras less and less privately. She now wrote on Instagram:"Tschüss, BHs". Lola Weippert wears bras less and less privately. On Instagram she now wrote: 'Bye, bras'. Image: lolaweippert/instagram

Lola Weippert presents her Fans on Instagram always full of energy and in a good mood, but the successful RTL presenter was not always as self-confident as she is today – she has already made this clear in several posts. When she recently spoke from the plane to New York, the 26-year-old showed herself without make-up, and not only that: she wasn't wearing a bra under her top either. Years ago she would not have dared to do that, she stated.

Now Lola commented on the bra topic again in her story. She said she rarely wears bras anymore and encouraged other women to do the same.

Lola Weippert answers spicy fan requests

This time it was a fan who moved Lola to comment. After one of her last clips from a hotel room, she was asked: 'Could it be that you're not wearing a bra?' Lola answered this question directly in the affirmative – and even went a little further.

  Lola Weippert responds openly to a fan's request on Instagram. Lola Weippert responds openly to a fan's request on Instagram. Image: lolaweippert/instagram

'I don't wear a bra and it took me a very long time to dare to walk around like that. I was afraid for a very long time that it could be a problem,' Lola admitted. But then she realized that the problem wasn't hers. She added:

'I think it's a problem in our society, a social problem. Men are allowed to show their nipples, but we women aren't.'

Lola's appeal was finally: 'I think every woman should have the right to go around without a bra.' She herself also 'hardly wears bras anymore because it's just unhealthy'. – at least if the wrong model was chosen.

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'I don't care what other people say. I want to encourage all of you: go braless! ', concluded the presenter. She also captioned her story briefly and concisely with the telling remark: 'Bye, bras'.

ARD star also shares emancipatory concerns

By the way, Lola is by no means alone in the celebrity world with her concern, because this August the 'Storm of Love' actress Tanja Lanäus also campaigned for more female informality. She shared a topless photo from her vacation on Instagram, after which she had covered her nipples with an orange bar. The actress wrote: 'Why is it Women not left to choose whether they want to wear a bra or a bikini, right?'

The irony of all this: Instagram deleted the picture after around five hours, thereby confirming the problem that Tanja Lanäus wanted to draw attention to.