RTL presenter Lola Weippert speaks openly about childhood trauma

 In the 14th season of 'Let's Dance" schaffte es Lola Weippert mit Tanzpartner Christian Polanc bis ins Achtelfinale In the 14th season of 'Let's Dance', Lola Weippert made it to the round of 16 with dance partner Christian Polanc Image: imago/ oliver langel

Lola Weippert is known for addressing more serious topics from time to time, she has already discussed bullying, endometriosis or how important it is to have a positive body feeling online. In a recent video Instagram The RTL presenter is now open about her self-doubt. She explains that the trigger for this was a conversation with her therapist.

In her Instagram story, she says that she is often afraid of not being good enough. 'And this fear of not being good enough comes from my childhood and has to do with a certain childhood trauma.' , explains the native Rottweiler further.

Lola Weippert speaks of fear of being abandoned

As she says, the video is aimed at her fans, who may or may not have felt the same way. With the hope that this might also give them some consolation:

'Regardless of the topic, in the end it always comes back to this belief that I'm afraid of not being good enough. That I'm also afraid, for example, that people might turn away from me because I'm not good enough .' Lola Weippert asks her fans if they sometimes don't feel good enough. screenshot/instagram/lolaweippert

In addition, she expresses the thesis that Women overall less secure than men . This has to do with the fact that women were often not seen in the past and had to fight harder and harder to be recognized and seen. That's because women have higher emotional intelligence than men, explained the former 'Let's Dance' participant . Therefore, they are often more honest, but would also feel more insecure. Lola Weippert left open what trauma from her childhood it was.

However, she ends the video with encouraging words: 'Can we please state briefly: We are worth just as much as the men.' In the end, she thinks we're on the right track , however, much still needs to be done.

Source: watson.de