Rula Jebreal attacks Giorgia Meloni on her father's conviction. Fdi leader: 'She will explain to the judge'

Chorus of criticisms of the journalist who cited 'the crimes committed' by Giorgia Meloni's father, with whom, however, the Fdi leader had broken off when she was only 11 years old. And the story threatens to end up in court…

  Rula Jebreal attacks Meloni about her father. FdI, ranting Rula Jebreal attacks Giorgia Meloni, who has just won the elections... Photo Video

Rula Jebreal in the storm. The journalist cited 'the crimes committed' by Giorgia Meloni's father, forgetting however to say that the man had abandoned the family when the Fdi leader was only one year old. And that she herself has not seen him since the age of 11. The case has aroused the indignation of many, across the board. And Giorgia Meloni does not rule out the lawsuit, for other words that she Rula attributed to her, but which she claims she never uttered: 'She will explain to the judge' but in the tweet. - Photo | video

Giorgia Meloni, the first words after the election victory Giorgia Meloni, the first words after the election victory

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THE STORY - It was the Spanish press that brought out the sentence of Francesco Meloni, father of the Fdi leader, in 1995: nine years in prison for drug trafficking. The aspiring premier she had just come of age, but for the past seven years she no longer had any relationship with him, that she had abandoned her when she was only one year old. However, Rula tweeted: “During his election campaign, the new Italian Prime Minister, promoted a rape video which claims that asylum seekers are criminals who want to replace white Christians. Ironically, Meloni's father is a notorious drug trafficker/convicted felon who served time in a prison.' Immediately the journalist is overwhelmed by criticism, and she tries to correct the shot: “Meloni is not guilty of the crimes committed by her father, but often exploits the crimes committed by some foreigners, to criminalize all immigrants, describing them as a threat to security. In a democracy there are individual responsibilities, NOT collective blame/punishments.”

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IF YOU GO IN COURT? - And Giorgia finally replies on Twitter: “The tact of the Italian press which tells of my father's troubles, but omits a fundamental element in its bombastic headlines. Everyone knows that my father left when I was a little over a year old. Everyone knows that I chose not to see him again at the age of eleven. Everyone knows I never had contact with him again until he died. But it matters little, if the 'do-gooders' can pass like a steamroller on the life of the 'monster'. Evidently among the many things that do not apply to me there is also the saying 'the sins of the fathers do not fall on the children''. But he adds a post scriptum: “Ps. Mrs Jebreal, I hope you will be able to explain to the judge when and where I was going to make the statement which you attribute to me.' That is a sentence that highlights from Rula's tweet and that Giorgia claims she has never uttered: ' claims asylum seekers are criminals who want to replace white Christians ”. The journalist's reaction is furious: 'The new Italian prime minister Meloni threatens to sue me for my tweet on the 'great replacement' conspiracy. All autocrats use these threats to intimidate and silence those who call them out and expose them. Mrs. Meloni: I'm not intimidated!' But her words have aroused and are arousing transversal indignation. The president of the M5s himself Giuseppe Conte writes in a post: 'This is mud on Giorgia Meloni. I, Meloni and the Brothers of Italy, with the M5S, fight them in all locations, but on a political level ”. And Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, pushes his hand: “Rula this is baseness. This is not how politics is done, much less journalism. What Meloni's father did has nothing to do with her. He deletes this tweet which by the way has the only effect of bringing even more people to support Fdi ”. Matteo Salvini also enters the controversy: “Whoever wages political battle by attacking not the opponent, but mother, father, children, wives or husbands, is a small man. Or a little woman. We won the elections democratically, deal with it”.

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