Russia: 'Darya Dugina killed by a Ukrainian mercenary'. And the story is worthy of 007

A few hours have passed and the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has solved the case of the explosion that killed Alexander Dugin's daughter. According to the Russians, he is a mercenary paid by Kiev. And the story seems to be written by Ian Flemming

 Darya arrived Alexander Dugin, Putin's ideologist, with his daughter Darya, who died in the attack in Moscow Photo Video

Ian Fleming could not have written better for one of his 007s. According to the reconstruction of Russian Pravda, the 29-year-old journalist Darya Dugina was killed in an explosion. contractor , a mercenary hitman hired by the Ukrainians. A well-designed blow to strike Alexander Dugin, a prominent ultranationalist believed to be close to Vladimir Putin. - Photo | video

Dissident Ponomarev: 'Behind the attack in Moscow there is no Kiev, but the anti-Putin Russian partisans

OTHER THAN KGB - A few hours have passed since the murder and the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has solved the case: the fault of Ukraine. Here is the Russian version: The secret services hired a mercenary who arrived in Russia in mid-July with his daughter. The couple rented an apartment in the same building as Ms. Dugin and spied on her for days. Then he rented a Mini Cooper but in order not to be recognized they used three different sets of license plates. And after the explosion, off to Estonia

Moscow, Alexander Dugin at the scene of the attack on his daughter Darya - guard

MISSION ALMOST COMPLETED - The real target was Alxander Dugin, not his daughter. Saturday night they were at a festival near Moscow where the philosopher gave a lecture. They had planned to leave in the same car, a Toyota Land Cruiser, but changed their plans at the last minute. Meanwhile, Kiev denies any wrongdoing.