Saman Abbas, the phone call that frames the father: 'I killed my daughter for honor'

An interception appears in which the father of the missing Pakistani girl confesses to the crime, while speaking with her half-brother who remained in Italy

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Saman Abbas murder: there is also a phone call that heavily frames his father, Shabbar. 'I killed her, I did it for my honor: now everyone will know who I am', the man confided. It was June 6, 2021, the phone was intercepted and the investigators have now decided to disseminate the content that has convinced them of his guilt ever since. – video

The phone call that frames Saman's father: 'I killed her for my honour' The phone call that frames Saman's father: 'I killed her for my honour'

Saman Abbas, prosecutor Paci speaks - guard

DISAPPEARANCE - Saman, 18, disappeared from Novellara in the lower Reggio area on April 30, 2021. The body has never been found. She was allegedly killed because she did not want to submit to an arranged marriage at home, in Punjab, an area of ​​Pakistan where her father Shabbar Abbas and his wife Nazia later fled.

THE SHOCK STATEMENTS – Shabbar Abbas is intercepted while discussing with a half-brother who remained in Novellara. “Once you are conscious, think about it. I have nothing more important than my honor. Remember that: first thing. Second thing: if someone still speaks ill of me I won't leave you alone, no one. I left my son there, I also killed my daughter. I don't care about anyone”, harsh sentences pronounced between insults and recriminations. Shabbar is currently in prison in Pakistan, not for murder but for defrauding a compatriot.

Saman Abbas's body found near his parents' house guard

MAYBE A TURN - In the meantime, digging is underway to find out if the remains found in an abandoned farmhouse in Novellara belong to Saman. The place would have been indicated by his uncle Danish Hasnain, persuaded to speak by an iman (or by a reduction in his sentence), believed to be the material executor of the murder. At that point, if it were really her, at least her boyfriend could mourn her, certainly not her mother, the only fugitive, of whom Saman trusted her, to the point that she had returned home, convinced by her heartfelt text messages her.

Saman Abbas, father was arrested in Pakistan. Here are all the details - guard