'Sandman': Netflix makes mistakes – fans can hope for a special bonus

"Sandman" steht derzeit auf Platz eins der Netflix-Charts – offenbar gibt es noch abgedrehtes Material, das noch nicht veröffentlicht wurde. 'Sandman' is currently number one on the Netflix charts - apparently there is still crazy material that has not yet been published. Image: netflix

The fantasy hype goes by Netflix just moved on with 'Sandman,' based on Neil Gaiman's DC Comics -- and the streaming service may have a surprise for you even ahead of a potential second season Fans ready.

In an episode of 'I Like To Watch' on the Netflix Youtube Channel ' Still Watching Netflix ' were now seen scenes that come from 'Sandman' but apparently do not belong to the first season . This is fueling rumors of a bonus episode the provider may have up its sleeve.

'Sandman': Netflix could plan this after season 1

In the 'I Like To Watch' format, drag queens Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova watch and discuss Netflix series. Recently it was 'Sandman''s turn, but the scenes to which Mattel and Zamolodchikova reacted are actually still unknown.

Like the fan page' Winter Is Coming ', the sequences shown are adaptations of the third 'Sandman' volume 'Traumland'. To be more precise, the stories “Kalliope” and “The Dream of a Thousand Cats” were filmed from it – only the material cannot (yet?) be found on Netflix.

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Now, of course, the question arises as to what the streaming service intends to do with it. It is conceivable that (at least) one bonus episode will be released before the release of the second season. At least a statement by Gaiman fits in with this: ' Radio Times ', according to which a second season, if it is produced, would deal with the fourth (as well as fifth) volume. Thus, pushing the extra content in between would make sense.

However, it is by no means certain that the fans will see the additional material. It's also possible that 'Kalliope' and 'The Dream of a Thousand Cats' originally belonged to the first season, but were then cut out because they didn't fit into the overall work. The fact that excerpts from it have now found their way to the public seems all the more surprising.

Netflix seems to be making mistakes

The 'I Like To Watch' edition with the 'Sandman' scenes is now set to private on YouTube, which at least suggests that Netflix has shown more here than currently intended.

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After all: It can be almost ruled out that the topic 'Sandman' has already been eaten for the streaming service – the first season is too successful for that. While a second season has not yet been officially commissioned, it seems only a matter of time. According to Gaiman, the scripts have already been written.

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