Sanremo Festival, Chiara Francini and Paola Egonu are the latest co-hosts: the team is complete

The Tuscan actress and the champion of blue volleyball join Chiara Ferragni and Francesca Fagnani. The Black Eyed Peas are also announced as guests

 ferragni-francini-fagnani-egonu-sanremo Two Chiare, a Francesca and the huge Paola: poker aces for Amadeus Photo Video

Chiara Francini and Paola Egonu: Amadeus has filled the last two boxes, the most awaited, those of the co-hosts. He does it live on Tg1, also adding the name of a musical guest: the Black Eyed Peas group, who will perform on the evening of Wednesday 8 February. – Photo | video

Fiorello plays Giorgia's song for Sanremo and Amadeus disqualifies her! Fiorello plays Giorgia's song for Sanremo and Amadeus disqualifies her!

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CHIARA'S VERVE, PAOLA'S SCHIATTADES - Chiara Francini, multifaceted actress but with the predominant comic chord, successful writer, will join Amadeus on the evening of Friday 10. While Paola Egonu, champion of blue volleyball who emigrated to Istanbul (plays in Vakifbank), will be on stage on Thursday 9.

Paola Egonu, I crush therefore I am. Portrait of a “queen” of volleyball – guard

WHAT CHOICES! - This completes the team of Amadeus, conductor and artistic director. Chiara Ferragni will be at his side on the first and last evening, while Francesca Fagnani closes the four of aces of the co-hosting. Gianni Morandi will instead be supporting Amadeus for all the evenings.

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