Sanremo, there is also the Festival of politicians. Lucio Malan wins the singing challenge: listen to what a performance

Between the serious and the humorous, the singing competition organized by the radio program A sheep's day: first the senator of FdI. The vice president of the Senate Gasparri intones 'Azzurro', the Democratic Party replies with Giani, president of Tuscany ... but finishes last

  Rai Radio1 - Sanremo da Pecora The presenters of Un giorno da sheep, Geppy Cucciari and Giorgio Lauro with the winner Lucio Malan (in the centre) Video

But how much desire for Ariston is there in politicians? He reveals it again this year San Remo da Pecora , the singing competition signed A day as a sheep and so imbued with conviction in the honorable competitors that Parliament would need just as much - video 1 | video 2

Best of Singing Politicians Festival Performances Best of Singing Politicians Festival Performances

The report cards of the third evening of Sanremo – guard

VIA ASIAGO - Rome. Room A of the historic headquarters in via Asiago, the most improbable festival in the world is recorded (then broadcast today Friday 10 February at 13.30 on Rai Radio 1 and also in streaming on Raiplay). Eight competitors from different sides, respectable jury made up of Ivan Zazzaroni (from Ballando to cantando the step is short, but he is above all director of the Sports Courier ), an amused Simona Ventura returning from Sanremo (the real one) and the director Pupi Avati, who in another life was a jazz musician and played with Lucio Dalla. He is an all-Bolognese jury, as Zazza notes.

Paola Egonu in Sanremo, the overwhelming skill of a true Italian - guard

GIVE THE REBELS THE MINE – Lucio Malan, 62, group leader in the Senate of the Brothers of Italy, wins by popular acclaim (and here the prevailing political tunic has nothing to do with it, rather merit). First with Clenched fists of the Rebels and then with Marvelous of Modugno, Malan unleashes the wisdom of those who chew notes. «I play in a Celtic music group», he says proud of the victory, «we did the last concert at Christmas, again in Piedmont». Who do you like at the festival? «Anna Oxa, but I dream of a duet with Tosca». And where is it easier to pick a fence, with notes or in politics? “Oh God, I try to avoid them both. But singing is easier because you already know what there is to say.' In second place is Patty L'Abbate, 52, a member of the M5S, who shows off her talent and sensuality by singing The girl from Ipanema and even Mina ( And if tomorrow ). She's not one to improvise, she sings bossanova. Avati says: «You have everything of the singer, nothing of the parliamentarian», and he wanted to be a compliment. Bronze medal to Matilde Siracusano, undersecretary for relations with Parliament of Forza Italia, who embarked on two certainly not easy pieces by Lady Gaga ( Always remember us this way It is Shallow ). Courageous.

The Maneskins conquer (again) Sanremo. But this time in playback… – guard

GIANI FLOP – We laugh, we joke with the conductors Geppy Cucciari and Giorgio Lauro in a tricolor tuxedo. Maurizio Gasparri, vice president of the Senate in Forza Italia, tries to 'smooth' the juror Avati. He goes back! And so his Sky blue , intoned with the president of Molise Donato Toma, is received without enthusiasm. But they are not the last ones. The last one, the Tananai of San Remo da Pecora , or Vasco Rossi if you prefer, is Eugenio Giani, Pd president of the Tuscany Region, immediately renamed the Giani Morandi of politics. His Boy from the street Gluck it will remain in the ears of us unfortunates for a long time. For the record, Vittoria Baldino (M5S deputy), the vice president of the Chamber Giorgio Mulè (Forza Italia) and Antonio Decaro (Pd mayor of Bari) also performed. On the keyboards the Deputy Minister of Justice Francesco Paolo Sisto (Forza Italia) and again the governor of Molise Donato Toma (also Forza Italia). And there was also the notary, to supervise the correctness of the votes. After all, one who has always had to do with accounts and that is Lamberto Dini, former prime minister and several times minister, as well as general manager of the Bank of Italy. Seraphic, punctual, understood in the part. Having said that, Rome is everything, here our bewildered Sanremo already has its winner.