Sara Lazzaro, from California to three successful TV series: 'I've always felt a little different'

“La legge di Lidia Poet” on Netflix, “Call my agent” on Sky and “Sono Lillo” on Prime Video. And it will also be in the sequel to “Doc” with Argentero. The actress who grew up between the Veneto and California is told

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“In Carmel, California, I played soccer with boys and girls, and it was normal. In Italy, in Rovolon, in the Padua area, I played football only with boys and they looked at me strange». Memories of a little girl, of an Italian father and an American mother, raised between Veneto and the United States, studied as an actress in England, a globetrotter for work, a gypsy soul, a pinball machine on sets. And, therefore, never completely 'something', half Italian when she was in America or London and half Anglo-Saxon when she was in the Euganean Hills. – photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3

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'I've always felt a little different,' says Sara Lazzaro, pale skin, penetrating eyes, acute intelligence. She became very popular as the (ex) wife of Dr. Andrea Fanti (Luca Argentero) in Doc of Rai, is one of the most requested and versatile actresses of Italian television. In this period we see it in three series: The law by Lydia Poet are Netflix, Call my agent his sky e I'm Lillo your Prime Video.

So, Sara, after so much wandering around the world, isn't it time to find a port, an anchor, a hearth? “That's what I just did. I've thought about it a lot, for years. And, in the end, I chose Venice, which is not only a work of art, but also a place of the heart, a philosophy of life, a place on a human scale'.

In short, she bought her first home at the age of 38. 'Exact. I've been here for a few months. A delightful and bright apartment in a historic building in the Castello district. I've always rented. Now, when I come back from a set, I have my refuge, serene and reassuring».

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Why the Lagoon? «Because it is the place I love most in the world, I studied there at the University, where I graduated in visual arts at the Faculty of Architecture. It is quite close to my parents who live in Rovolon, in the Padua area. And at the airport from where I can fly all over the world».

Venice is a philosophy of life. «It forces you to respect the rhythms of nature. The day is dictated by the atmospheric agents, by the wind, by the rain, by the tide. There are no cars, you can only get around on foot or by vaporetto, you live in beauty and you have to adapt to its melancholy and mysterious side».

But also to the hordes of tourists who trample it. “Often violence. But also a way to keep it alive. The city is depopulating, only 50,000 people live there and I want to be 50,001. In my own small way, I want to help its rebirth, as some artists are doing, for example with the 'Teatro in bottega' project by my friend Mattia Berto'.

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What does the word 'roots' mean to you? «An iceberg: underneath there is a mammoth block, it is the past, the family tree that supports the part on the surface, your present, and above is the point that soars towards the future».

And what does it mean to feel different in every place you've been? «That the others are taken aback, they don't know how to place you, you create confusion, you don't have 'the hole where the pigeon is'. And so you lead a solitary, independent, free life, but perhaps more difficult».

And that made her suffer? 'No not much. Because for me it has always been normal. As a child I spent a few months in Veneto, the land of my father, a former footballer, journalist and writer, and others in California, where my mother lived before marrying him. In Rovolon there were only three children my age, to go to school, which was very small, I had to drive 20 minutes every day. In Carmel, when I attended elementary school there, the mayor was Clint Eastwood (one day he greeted me while I was waiting for the bus), my classmates were Indians, Mexicans, of all cultures. A great enrichment that I carry within me and that has opened the doors of the world to me».

Now he flies to America from his maternal family and his brother. «I haven't been there for five years, also because of the pandemic. But, for the first time in my life, I've already bought the return ticket. The sequel sets await me Doc and other series'.

And is someone waiting for you in Venice, perhaps to expand the family, now that there is a home? 'I'm not ruling out this possibility. Nor does my partner. For now we look after the dog Kyla ».