Sara Ricci: 'What's the harm if I like boys?'

She is 53, he is 23 years old. And he wasn't the only much younger partner. The actress of A Place in the Sun, now in the cinema in an erotic role, reveals: 'My peers are nostalgic. And I don't have time to live on memories '

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Beloved face of A Place in the Sun , Sara Ricci is a well-rounded actress. Tv, theater, cinema. Neither The little saint , Silvia Brunelli's gem, now has a decidedly hot role. Let's start from here, to arrive at the confession of a woman who does not set boundaries in relationships. In the film she is a rich lady who seeks escape thanks to the erotic confrontation with two guys - Photo | video

She carries her 53 years with evident beauty Have you ever set an age limit in love? “In 2018 I ended a long story with an older man. Since then I have been going down ( ride , ed). First a partner eight years younger, then 10, then 12. Up to 23. The first few times the age difference put me in crisis. Later I took advantage of the fact that I look younger and it has become a gamble. A challenge with myself, wanting to show that I can still keep up. Young people love my energy, my sense of humor. Peers are rhetorical, boring and bigoted, as well as nostalgic. And I don't have time to keep up with the memories ».

Does love play a part in these out of phase relationships? 'I would say no. Although with Simone, the last and youngest of all, we loved each other. Then when my colleague and dear friend Paolo Calissano passed away, he was close to me with great understanding. But relationships like this respect my desire not to commit. I want to stay light: I already have a hard job and now I'm very focused on myself. The relationship with a peer needs a dedication that, at the moment, I am not willing to give ».

If it is not the feeling, then it will be eros that moves her towards much younger partners? “Contrary to what you think, the relationship is sweeter and not just sexual. A young person has fewer problems from that point of view, he gives it less importance. He doesn't ask himself 'oh my God, will I have been up to it?' and I like that. The peer is more fixed, another thing that distances me: by now I have given ».

Those like her are called cougars, puma women. Predatory, sexy and transgressive. Madonna, the queen with Sharon Stone, said she regretted the marriage: now she just wants sex. She, Sara, has never married. By choice? 'Yup. Love does not need insurance and then I wanted to travel lightly and make my partner equally free to make a different choice. If I went back, I would no longer go to live together because it takes away so much freedom. About sex I said: if it were just what I would do alone, it is more comfortable. You don't even waste time getting dressed, putting on make-up, going to dinner. '

A mature man with a girl is less effective than a woman of age, albeit young like her, with a boy. “It's a patriarchal heritage. It is accepted that a more than adult man has an idea of ​​the future, because he can have children in any season of life. At least I have the good taste not to think about creating a tomorrow with a much younger person. Yet there is no term like cougar declined in the masculine, and this is annoying '.

She was linked to Alessandro Preziosi and Beppe Convertini, with whom she lost a son. Is the search for young love compensatory? “Even though I have chosen not to be a mother, I am protective in my relationship with men. Yup'.

I imagine that you also project onto these companions of yours the illusion of not getting old. 'Of course. I feel like a vampire. Indeed, Simone called me a witch. He took Covid twice, I zero while staying close to him: 'You're always on the bike,' she told me. 'You suck my lifeblood and I get sick' ».

Sara, she's busy now. 'No. In June Simone and I broke up after a year together. By mutual agreement and without worries, we decided to end the story because it was getting ridiculous. I am the age of her mother '.

But where do you get these guys who I imagine beautiful, with a lot of hair and without a little belly? 'I am an esthete, in fact. I go to places where young people meet, exchanges on the Net don't interest me. And I want to say that I have never used my partners nor have I been used ».

Unbalanced relations, with exceptions such as Brigitte Macron and the French president, do not last long. Is it worth it? «With Simone we went for steps. We'll get to my birthday in November, we said to each other, then at Christmas and maybe we'll have it in the winter ... Everything like this, but it was pleasant. And I've never called it a toy boy, rather baby love. Much prettier ».

How do you envision your sentimental future, Sara? 'Maybe the cool peer will arrive: I am convinced that a story can only be successful between close people over the years, it is not true that love has no age. And in love I began to no longer believe. You will mean that, as I get older, I will adapt to bellies and baldness or ... I will be a happy spinster ».