Sarah Engels gives private insight into family planning: 'Not averse'

  Sarah and Julian Engels have a daughter together – now the singer revealed whether they are planning another child. Sarah and Julian Engels have a daughter together – now the singer revealed whether they are planning another child. Image: sarellax3/instagram

Sarah Engels, who became known through her participation in the RTL casting show 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar' in 2011 and took second place at the time, is now the mother of two children. With her first husband Pietro Lombardi, whom she met on 'DSDS', she had her son Alessio, and with her current partner Julian Engels she finally had daughter Solea Liana.

As soon as Solea was born last December, Sarah was repeatedly confronted with requests for a third child. In a question and answer session Instagram a fan wanted to know from the 29-year-old how things are going in terms of family planning – after which she got into a chatting mood.

Sarah Engels' focus is currently on her two children

Without further ado, the fan asked curiously: 'Do you want another child?' Sarah answered the question as follows: 'I'm basically not averse to it, but for now the focus is on the two and I enjoy the time with them.' By that she means, of course, the seven-year-old and his little sister. She would like a complete rejection of another one pregnancy apparently also not grant:

'Being pregnant was also super nice, but everything over time.' Sarah Engels was ambivalent about the third pregnancy. Bild: Screenshot / Instagram / sarellax3

As ' picture ' reported, it is not the first time that the singer has spoken out about a third pregnancy. The newspaper met her at a press event, where she initially said firmly: 'It's very nice being a mother of two. I feel fulfilled, settled and very happy.' However, she later added: 'I wouldn't rule out a third child.'

Son Alessio jokes about another pregnancy

In July, Sarah, who enjoys family life very much, vacationed in Hawaii with her children and her partner - and she was once again approached about a third baby. This time, however, from Alessio, who has a fun made from demand.

'He asked me if I would have another baby,' Sarah explained in her Instagram story at the time, adding that her son had noticed that her stomach was bigger than the day before. 'Mom must have eaten too much' , added self-deprecatingly and clarified the situation around , supposed pregnancy belly for , followers.